Super Moon November 2016 Live Stream: When and Where To See in New York, Chicago, San Francisco

( [email protected] ) Nov 14, 2016 02:03 PM EST
With the "super moon" calculated to happen tonight, check out where and when will you be able to catch it in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Taking a stroll by the beach with your lover’s hand clasped in yours, while letting the soft moonlight shimmer in the distant sea as well as casting a halo-like glow around your immediate surroundings might be the most picture perfect romantic situation that many of us would dream of. While that will certainly take a fair amount of effort to execute, you simply have no control over the moon and existing weather -- which is why you might want to pull out all the stops in order to catch a glimpse of the moon tonight. In fact, tonight’s moon is said to be the biggest -- as well as the brightest, in memory, at least since 1948. Also dubbed to be the super moon, it is an event that many in the world have already seen, while those of us living in the US would be preparing ourselves to catch a glimpse of it when the sun sets.

The super moon is touted to look up to 14% bigger than what it would normally resemble, and will also shine with an additional 30% brightness compared to the average full moon that dances its way around our skies each day. This makes it the largest visible full moon in more than half a dozen decades, and if you are an avid shutterbug, it would bode you well to take the necessary steps and preparation in order to capture this once-in-a-lifetime (for us, anyway) event.

Of course, tonight is the big night despite the fact that the super moon will continue to dazzle all through the remainder of the week. If you want to see the moon at its brightest, then do make sure that your yard is clear for you to relax as you lie down and enjoy what nature has to offer. When the super moon is in its full pomp and splendor, it ought to be approximately 356,511 km from our beloved planet Earth.

The next super moon is predicted to happen in November 25, 2034, and the older ones among us who are well into their eighth or more decades in life might see want to grab this opportunity to enjoy the spectacle as it happens tonight.

Those who are interested in catching a live sream of the super moon would do well to check out the "Mega Beaver Moon" video as shown below on YouTube. This 30 minute long webcast is set to kick offat 8 p.m. EDT (0100 on Nov. 14 GMT), with playing host. Sounds like the perfect consolation for those who are unable to head outdoors to view the super moon, or are living in an area where there are just too much rain and clouds that obscure your view.

Over in San Francisco, the moonrise has been predicted to happen at 5:40 pm. Over in New York on the opposite end of the US, the super moon should rise from 5:14 pm onward. We have not forgotten about our friends who live in Chicago, where they ought to be able to catch the super moon rise at 5:08 pm. Have you gotten your popcorn ready?

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