Supermoon and Bible Prophecies: What’s The Connection?

( [email protected] ) Nov 16, 2016 04:53 AM EST
What does a supermoon have to do with Biblical prophecies? Is there even a connection in the first place, or is it the work of conspiracy theorists who have an overactive imagination?
The moon is close to Earth right now. Reuters

How has your supermoon sighting experience been so far? Has it exceeded your expectations, or are you simply all right with a wee bit larger than normal moon, or you simply could not care less? Well, prophecy in the Bible is one hotly debated topic. We do know that there were the confirmed prophets of yore -- but how about modern day ones? After all, nothing that a prophet says which does not come to pass if he or she has clearly received a word from God, otherwise he or she would be a false prophet as the Bible itself mentioned. Well, there might be a connection when it comes to the supermoon and potential prophecies mentioned in the Bible.

Being close to 15% larger and 30% brighter than normal, what kind of prophecy or foreboding does a supermoon bring to the world? Is it some sort harbinger of doom for the world, or is it but one of many future signs that will certainly change the way things will be in the future? Let us find out more about it. In terms of astronomy, a supermoon is known as perigean full moons, where it will bring about the coming together of a full moon, with it being the closest to our earth as it goes about its business being in elliptical orbit.

It must be noted that back in 1948, when the last supermoon made an appearance in our skies, what was the signal that saw a Bible prophecy being fulfilled? Why, it was the creation of the State of Israel after 1948, of course. Earlier this week, there was a reappearance of the supermoon, which certainly caused many people to wonder whether this is a portend of what is to come in the future, too.

NASA did issue a report that the recent supermoon actually came within 221,524 miles from the earth, and this would make it the “closest full moon to date in the 21st century.” On May 14, 1948, that was when the modern state of Israel came into being, and the next time that such a supermoon will happen will be on November 25, 2034, which is still some years to go, so do take a closer look at the sky the entire week.

How about the modern day supermoon? It looks like Israel’s fate is tied to it somewhat, where the recent UNESCO vote saw an attempt to separate the Jews from their beloved Jerusalem. This has certainly raised a whole lot of concern for those living in Israel, as there has been an unprecedented amount of pressure to make the two-state solution a reality, where it will be part of a foreign imposed, non-negotiated process.

This supermoon happened half a dozen days after the US election, where it would also signal an important moment where Israel’s future is concerned. After all, celestial events can be interpreted as a sign of divine will -- it has happened in the past, and it could be in the future, too.

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