Walmart and Target Black Friday 2016 Deals So Far: HDTV, Xbox One S, iPhone 5S

( [email protected] ) Nov 16, 2016 09:37 AM EST
Walmart and Target are able to achieve economies of scale when it comes to selling their wares, and even more so when you take into consideration the crazy Black Friday deals that they have on offer this year. We take a look at what are some of the sweeter deals so far.

Fancy targeting some pretty good deals for your home at this time of the year, hoping to spruce up the living room with something new and interesting? Perhaps you need a new TV, or make a revamp of your entire kitchen with spanking new appliances. Good thing Black Friday’s about to arrive, and with Black Friday, you can be sure that there will be plenty of stunning deals to take advantage of. We take a look at both Walmart and Target, since many people happen to do their shopping there, and see what are some of the revealed deals so far which are worth our hard earned penny.

Best Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals
Walmart reminds everyone that Black Friday kicks off at 6pm this coming November 24th in their ad, and in order to prepare those who have some cash to splash, how about picking up the iPhone 5S for $99 a pop? This will be on a Straight Talk wireless plan, with a $50 savings right from the get go. For thse who want a massive 50" HDTV in the living room, Walmart's got your back too with the $225 Emerson HDTV, while those who would want something larger at 55" can settle for Philips' 4K Ultra HDTV -- which is pretty much a steal, considering how it would go well with your upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro's updated graphics.

How about something that costs less than $100? You might have a PS4 already that doubles up as a Blu-ray player (which is great value for money, by the way), but those who prefer a standalone device can always check out the Samsung 4K upscaling Blu-ray player that will go for just $79. Sanyo's got something better in terms of its price tag at a mere $39, but this will not come with 4K upscaling ability, of course. Might as well pair those with RCA's 37" Soundbar which will cost a mere $29, now how about that?

Target hits the spot this Black Friday 2016
Target too, intends to make the most out of this year's Black Friday by offering a preview at the moment. They know that having a showpiece HDTV right smack in the middle of your living room is essential, which is wh Hisense's 4K UHD TV that is 50" in size is going for just $250, which can be considered to be a steal.

Video game fans will be pleased to know that a $249.99 purchase of the new Xbox One S console will come with a $50 savings already, in addition to a $40 Target gift card. This will be the Xbox One S 500GB model with a copy of Battlefield 1 or Minecraft, depending on which title rocks your boat.

Since you're going to be glued to the TV all day long either enjoying video games on it, or simply appreciating the beautiful colors and shades that it comes in, you might as well save $150 more by picking up the $199.99 Hoover Quest 700 robotic vacuum cleaner which can be controlled through your smartphone.

Life is indeed pretty good for this coming Black Friday, don't you think so? 

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