WWE Rumors and Spoilers Ahead, Guess Who's Back?

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2016 04:01 AM EST
Let the bells toll for the other superstars in the WWE -- the Undertaker is said to have made a return to the WWE roster.
The Undertaker returns to SmackDown on November 15th’s show. WWE.com

I remember growing up watching wrestling, back when it was called WWF and WCW was the “poor man’s” version. After all, who could forget Hulk Hogan and other luminaries such as The Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage and Ted “The Million Dollar Man” diBiase? WCW only had the Sting and Ric Flair, the Nature Boy. Well, times have certainly changed, and WWE is the latest evolution in the world of entertainment wrestling. The Undertaker has been a fan favorite for the longest time, and it seems that he is back on the WWE roster.

Over on SmackDown Live earlier this week, The Deadman did announce that he will be a part of SmackDown. This is a fact made crystal clear at the 900th show, and it does make me wonder whether such TV programming is going the route of comic books, ala 500th issue or something similar. Well, it would be nice to see The Undertaker make a return to the WWE, and more importantly, what role does he have to play in the sports entertainment franchise?

The Undertaker made a mention that he is not impartial where the Survivor Series is concerned. In fact, he has placed his money on Team Blue, hoping that they will succeed, and should Team Raw emerge the victor, then it would be as though the horrors of hell would have been unleashed itself. At least, this is starting to shape up to be an interesting Survivor Series that will be worth forking out money to watch.

Here are some possible scenarios and outcomes from the upcoming Survivor Series. Assuming Team SmackDown (Team Blue) loses to Team Raw, the person who was instrumental in letting victory be snatched from Team SmackDown would end up as the target of The Undertaker. This will be the flashpoint that sparks off a new storyline, and such a major feud will eventually make its way into the Royal Rumble. With Royal Rumble looming across the horizon in January next year, the grand stage is then set for The Undertaker to walk toe to toe with his new enemy.

Should this be true, then it would not be too difficult to figure out just who will be The Undertaker’s nemesis next January. Team SmackDown will comprise of AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Shane McMahon, and James Ellsworth as the team’s mascot. What do you think of such trash talking? The Undertaker has been one of the longest serving wrestlers in the WWE franchise, and his entire persona, not to mention being able to walk the rope with superb balancing skills, has an aura of death and fear about him. I certainly loved the way his manager in the early days, Paul Bearer, played with the naming convention while looking like one of the long lost relatives from the Addam’s Family.

Whatever it is, whoever on Team Blue would do his very best to take The Undertaker’s words into serious consideration. “There’s no reason to fear failure, but if you fail, you will have reason to fear The Deadman.”

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