Nintendo Switch Release Date, Price And Specs

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style="display: none" The price of the Nintendo Switch has been leaked.
The price of the Nintendo Switch was leaked online. Nintendo/ Wikipedia

There's a great deal of buzz surrounding the Nintendo Switch right now. Nintendo fans are very excited with the upcoming game console and they are on the lookout for any updates and news that could give them more information. Now, it seems that the price for the game console has been leaked.

Nintendo Switch Price

The price of the Nintendo Switch has been leaked and if the information is correct then the console is going to be cheaper than the Xbox One and the PS4. The leak came from Toys "R" Us Canada after it published the price for the console on their website. The price listed was $329.99 Canadian dollars which would translate to around $245 to $250. The price has since been removed from the website but not before it was seen by a lot of people and the information being leaked to the rest of the internet.

The low price of the Switch can be a major attraction that could draw in buyers. Since compared with other consoles, its price is going to be cheaper.

Portable Device

Another strong selling point of the Switch is the fact that it is combination device. It can be used like other consoles and connected to a TV screen. But it can also be used as a portable playing device.  When placed on the Nintendo Switch Dock, it can be hooked up to a TV screen, but when removed from the dock, it can also be used as a portable device and it also goes automatically into portable mode. The players can start playing then by removing the controllers, which are also detachable.

The portability of the console is going to be enhanced by its bright, high-def display. That means players can use almost everywhere and still have the same quality of display when they are playing. That would give the players the option of playing wherever they want, even games that are limited to large consoles in the past.

The official announcement for the price of the Switch will be done at a Nintendo event schedule in January 2017. That would also be the date when specs of the device would be announced officially. A full demo of the features of the console is also expected during that event.

Hopefully, the leaked price of the console is accurate so that fans do not end up being disappointed after getting excited about the cheaper price of the Switch. 



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