NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: Latest Codes Available and New MyTeams Cards

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2016 04:23 AM EST
New locker codes for NBA 2K17 are now available to help you power through the game even more, with additional MyTeams cards revealed.
Updates for NBA 2K17 have been released. 2K Sports/ Wikipedia

When it comes to newer and modern generation video games, there are very few ways to cheat your way through. The Konami Code no longer applies, and neither can you hack the data file such as in Dune 2 or X-Wing in order to gain an unfair advantage in the game itself. Actual gaming skill comes into play here, but sometimes, there are throwbacks to the past in games like NBA 2K17 which will help you gain a boost as you play: in the form of locker codes. Here we are with the latest locker codes update for NBA 2K17, which is a pleasant surprise taking into consideration how it has been approximately a week after DeMar DeRozan announced his locker codes on Twitter.

This time around, it would be Zach LaVine and Harrison Barnes who make the cut in the form of MyTeam Moments Cards. Both of these NBA players have already taken a couple of moments off their sporting life to tweet their very own NBA 2K17 locker codes last Saturday. According to iDigitalTimes, these two cards will come with a score of 82, and in terms of ranking, it would make them lower than DeRozan's which stands at 85. Gamers of NBA 2K17 who would still like to redeem those cards will first need to head to Options/Features which can be found at the Main Menu, before picking Locker Codes. You will be able to read Zac LaVine's tweet here, while Harrison Barnes' locker code can be found on the tweet here.

Armed with those codes, you can then enter them in the next screen. It is crucial that the codes are keyed in the exact manner in which you see them, dashes and all, so that the process will continue smoothly without any hiccups. If done correctly, then there should be a confirmation notice that mentions that everything has been a success. LaVine’s locker code would be ZACHL-AR52L-RRCLS-HZUQV while Barnes’ is FAMNT-G55QE-KZKA3-YRKZW.

Take note that both of these cards are limited free agents, allowing them to be used for a limited number of times in MyTeam games before being rendered as expired. Once that happens, players are still able to carve out an opening to access these cards in standard packs. Pretty much a devious method to drop teasers for the moment, and when you realize that you can’t live without them, you then proceed to purchase a standard pack.

If you are rocking to NBA 2K17 on the following platforms: Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC as well as previous generation consoles (Sony PS3 and Xbox 360), then the locker codes would apply and not discriminate. Tradition and history do point to more locker codes being in the pipeline, so you might want to keep a keen eye out on the Twitter accounts of your favorite players who have yet to reveal a locker code.

Last but not least, it looks like the NBA 2K17 roster has grown with the most recent update. Forbes claimed that Steve Nash from the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns are part of the game now. Pretty cool, right?

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