Tom Clancy's the Division Survial DLC Update, Gameplay, Latest News

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2016 09:58 AM EST
Find out the latest about Tom Clancy's The Division Survial DLC as it is set for a PC and Xbox One release this November 22nd.
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If you are a huge fan of Tom Clancy’s: The Division, then you would be pleased as punch to know that the long awaited “Survival” DLC update is all set to be released on both the Xbox One as well as the PC platforms this coming November 22nd. It is just a few more days left of waiting, and since we have more or less waiting for some time already, what is 5 more days in the scheme of things?

It is definitely good news for folks who are raring to give the Survival DLC update a go. The Survival DLC has undergone a test phase on the Public Test Server for some time already, and this particular test phase will enable selected and qualified players to give the DLC content. The developer would then collect all of the test experiences and collate them, fixing whatever that was discovered to be broken as well as making sure that everything ran according to plan. In the Survival DLC, gamers are able to enjoy a different kind of experience.

It will involve a quest that is approximately 2 hours long on average, and will need to rope in two dozen players in total. Each of the 24 players will begin the game in a hungry and obviously weak state. To make sure that they don’t end up as carrion bird fodder, they will need to find their way through to the center of the map, using their wits and gaming skills to achieve that objective. The center of the map will be referred to as an area known as the Dark Zone.

The scenario starts off that way for a very simple reason: a premise that we have seen many times over in conventional post-apocalyptic films (which more often than not involves zombies and other kinds of monstrosities, of course). Apparently, a pandemic has devastated New York City, and obviously in a city where millions make a living and call home, there is a breakdown in society and order as basic services start to fail. It is just a matter of days as the Big Apple runs out of food and water, and you can be sure that chaos ensues in such a dire situation.

The Division agents might seem like everyday people who are swept up in this tide of madness, but these folks are then activated -- being a classified unit of self-supported tactical agents. Specially trained to operate independently without any sort of command, it is a last resort to restore order to society. They basically fight their way through situations and circumstances so that there is a remnant of society to rebuild the country, and along the way, these very same agents find out that they too, are part of a larger cover up. Not only do they have to go up against the aftereffects of a human created virus, but they will also have to come face to face with the bigger threat -- bureaucracy and red tape behind the incident.

Ubisoft has not made any official announcement about the Survival DLC despite the Xbox website pointing it out, although do take note that the DLC update will be released with patch 1.5 in tow.

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