'Stranger Things' Season 2: Plot Details Remain Secret But Millie Bobby Brown Wants to Play Young Princess Leia in Future Star Wars Film

( [email protected] ) Nov 18, 2016 10:56 AM EST
Actress Millie Bobby Brown has revealed that she dreams of playing a younger Princess Leia in future ‘Star Wars’ movies.
Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven in Netflix’s hit paranormal thriller series ‘Stranger Things.’ Photo: Netflix

Actress Millie Bobby Brown has revealed that she dreams of playing a younger Princess Leia in future ‘Star Wars’ movies.

Brown, who plays Eleven in the hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things,’ made an appearance at the Rhode Island Comic Con where she was asked regarding future roles she would want to take.

The twelve-year-old star reportedly responded with: “Princess Leia. If they made – I think they are making another ‘Star Wars’ – I would love a role like that. Because I want to do something far from Eleven or Madison.”

Netflix already confirmed that ‘Stranger Things’ has been renewed for a second installment. Season 2 is expected to be comprised of nine episodes, having one more than the previous installment. A teaser video already disclosed the titles of the upcoming episodes and dropped a hint that ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 will be set in 1984, a whole year after the first season’s storyline ended.

Brown is expected to make a comeback for the series’ next installment, recently taking to social media and posting a photo on Instagram of her and actor David Harbour, who portrays police chief Jim Hopper. The actress wrote the following caption: “Shhhhh @dkharbour don’t say a word! #s02 #strangerthings @netflix @strangerthingstv.”

The number of episodes Brown will be featured in remains unclear; nonetheless, TVLine reported that she will become a regular character on the series once more.

Even the rest of the ‘Stranger Things’ cast reunited for the second season, posting an image of the “upside down world” version of the actors.

Meanwhile, director Shawn Levy remains mum about the storylines for the next installment, which will air in 2017. In the first season, ‘Stranger Things’ placed the spotlight on the dark and mysterious circumstances faced by a town with an alternative universe known as the “Upside Down.”

Speaking to Screen Rant, Levy was asked if he could drop a couple of hints about the second season, which is currently being developed.

“All I’m going to tell you about season two… Look, as much as people are dying to know what happened, I think the reason Stranger Things has become the phenomenon it has is because no one knew what was coming,” the director shared. “I think there’s this delicious torture in not knowing.”

Nonetheless, actor Charlie Heaton, who takes on the role of Jonathan Byers, described the upcoming season as “darker” and “bigger” compared to the previous.

New actors have been added to the ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 cast, including Sean Astin (‘The Goonies’).

Levy insisted that, despite remaining tight-lipped about the new installment, fans of the series will give thanks to him for not giving out even in a few details.

“What I will say is, having heard the first half of the season at our table read at the end of last week, that I’m very excited even as I’m trying to tune out a lot of the news of the culture and just focus on our instincts, our actors, or… directorial instincts that brought us to this table,” the helmer shared.

“We want to follow the same guidelines we were following last year when we made this show that no one knew about and no one cared about. But I will say we have some very interesting ideas cooking for season two,” Levy added.

The ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 premiere is set for a release in 2017.

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