Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Had Little Damage On Samsung US Brand

( [email protected] ) Nov 22, 2016 10:20 AM EST
Despite the recall and discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, many American consumers still trust the brand.
Samsung Town in Gangnam Station, Korea By Oskar Alexanderson - originally posted to Flickr

Samsung faced a hard battle this year when they launched their Galaxy Note 7. They had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 units due to its tendency to heat up and even explode. But according to a poll by Reuters/Ipsos, despite the recall and discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, many US consumers still trust the Samsung brand.

What was supposed to be a model to rival the Apple iPhone 7 became a nightmare for Samsung executives when reports of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were confirmed all over the world. The company then recalled the units and announced that they would discontinue it. But despite this, US consumers still want to buy products from the brand.

Business Insider reports that the survey done last October 26 up to November 9, showed that Samsung users were loyal, same as Apple users are. When informed of the recall of the Galaxy Note 7, there was not much difference in those who wanted to buy a Samsung smartphone.

27% responded that they would still shop for a Samsung smartphone even if they knew about the recall, and for those who were not aware of the recall, a total of 25% said they would buy. The poll, released Sunday reflected how Samsung users were fiercely loyal to the brand they love. A whopping 91 percent of customers who currently possess a Samsung smartphone would be willing to buy another Samsung phone, and 92 percent said they have no problem with buying another Samsung product.

This poll shows that despite the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, customers are still willing to shell out money to buy Samsung products. The poll was conducted with a total of more than 5,000 people from all over the 50 states.  Some of the respondents owned iPhones while some owned Samsung phones.

The poll does not give specific data on how the people perceived the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 though.  The customers and consumers were merely asked on how interested they are in buying Samsung phones, and not whether the recall made them change their decision.

Samsung, for their part, claimed that 85 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 recalled phones were already replaced. Most customers chose another Samsung model to replace their Note 7.

In a statement, the company  said it was now focused on "ensuring customer safety and understanding the root cause of the issue."

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