Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr Being Tapped To Be the Next Education Secretary?

( [email protected] ) Nov 23, 2016 10:42 AM EST
Jerry Falwell Jr, one of president-elect Trump's staunch supporters during campaign,  will have some say in the next administration.
Jerry Falwell Jr is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. Liberty University

Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr has a big chance of being a part of the new cabinet of President-elect Donald Trump.  He was one of the earliest evangelicals to give his support for Trump during the campaign and he may be rewarded for it.

Black Christian News reports that Jerry Falwell Jr went to Trump Tower in New York City to visit the next president. When asked about the meeting, Falwell did not confirm whether he will get a position, but he did not rule out the idea either. He did claim that he is playing a role in the next administration, whether that position is the Secretary of Education is unknown.

"I met with the president-elect and several of his top advisers to discuss what role I might be able to play with regard to education. It was a very good discussion," he told in some reports.

Jerry Falwell Jr is the president of the largest Christian college in America which is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. The college was founded by Falwell's father Rev. Jerry Falwell, Sr., a televangelist. Liberty University enforces strict rules for the students, there are rules for alcohol, modesty when it comes to clothing, and even sex outside of marriage. The university is also a staunch supporter of Creationism, despite the scientific community supporting evolution instead of creationism.

The Falwell family is quite influential to evangelical Christians, and their support of Trump, despite the controversies that surrounded the then candidate, must have been significant for Trump to consider Falwell's counsel in his administration.

Jerry Falwel, Jr has had controversies of his own. Last year, he actually urged students from Liberty University to apply for permits to carry a concealed weapon. He said that if "more good people" had guns "We could end those Muslims before they walked in", The shooting in San Bernardino is what sparked Falwell to say comment on the issue of guns. He did clarify in another statement that by Muslims he was referring to the terrorists from Islamic nations and not the Muslims in general.

Falwell has at one time also criticized the Department of Education, and proclaimed that he was willing to serve the department and bring back some form of sanity to it. 

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