Xbox Scorpio Update: News, Rumors, and Price

( [email protected] ) Nov 23, 2016 11:54 AM EST
There are plenty of rumors coming out regarding the Xbox Scorpio.  There are reports that Microsoft will be going for a different kind of design for the console
The Xbox Scorpio will replace the Xbox One Console. Evan-Amos

Touted as the most powerful console ever built, a lot of gaming fans are excited with the upcoming Xbox Scorpio. Because of the huge amount of interest with the game, there are a lot of rumors in regards with its price and its features.

Xbox Scorpio News

The Xbox Scorpio is set to launch in 2017. There are reports that Microsoft and Xbox have claimed there would be no new consoles to or even more years after the launching of the Scorpio. That's likely the reason why they are making the Scorpio with a lot more power, not just over the other versions of Xbox but over consoles from other brands as well. The Scorpio is believed to be more powerful than the PS4 Pro by an astonishing 43%.  There are also rumors that the new Xbox would have some new VR technology that would be a real surprise.

The claims of the specs and capability of the Scorpio are pretty big and if all of those prove to be true, it might really prove to be the most powerful console there is.

Xbox Scorpio Price

Another important information that fans are looking forward to is the price of the new Xbox. There are reports that the price would be $399. But experts are saying that Microsoft should start out by selling the console for a lower price. The PS4 Pro is supposed to sell for $399, but it might have a price markdown afterwards, so the pricing for the Scorpio could be a little too steep.

The fact is, the Xbox Scorpio is a premium product that is intended to sell for a higher price, but selling at more than $399 would be a bad move. Even with the excellent features of the Scorpio, people might not be willing to pay too much for a console.

More Rumors

There are other rumors regarding the new Xbox. There are reports that Microsoft will be going for a different kind of design for the console. It's said that the Scorpio would have a design that is more like a PC, instead of the usual console look.

The rumor that the Scorpio would have a different kind of look from other consoles is strengthened by the fact that Microsoft has announced that it would not come out as a replacement for the Xbox One. That probably means that the company is seeking a fresh start with its gaming console.

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