Verizon Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2016: Google Pixel XL Phone, Amazon Echo

( [email protected] ) Nov 23, 2016 11:54 AM EST
style="display: none" Verizon has lined up its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for the year, with the former kicking off in less than a day's time, while the latter has more than four more days to go.
It would be less than a day of waiting now. Verizon

Looking for some good deals from Verizon this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, you will be able to check out the dedicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages from Verizon, but right now, they just have a counter on display, letting you know just how many more days, hours, and minutes there are left on the clock. What do we know on paper about Verizon and their Black Friday with Cyber Monday sales so far?

It looks like the newest hardware from Google would take centerstage with Verizon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offerings. It does seem to shape up that the Google Home voice assistant device will be seeing a Verizon launch this coming Wednesday. As to the predicted sales figure, your guess is as good as mine. It is said that from today all the way until November 28th, the Google Home voice assistant device can be purchased for $99.99 a pop as part of Verizon’s Black Friday weekend promotion.

Other than the Google Home voice assistant device that will most likely be able to give the Amazon Echo a decent run for its money, one can also expect to see the recently introduced Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones being made available on offer. Apart from the two Android 7.0 Nougat powered smartphone, we can also look forward to checking out the Google Live Cases and Daydream View, now how about that?

As for the Google Pixel smartphone, do hold your horses until this Thursday, November 24th. That is when it is touted that you will be able to bring home the all new Pixel smartphone from Google for as little as $10 each month via Black Friday. Alternatively, you will be able to enjoy up to a $200 discount for a new Google Pixel smartphone all the way through to Sunday, November 27th. In order to qualify for this particular deal, you would need to purchase a Google Pixel smartphone for $649.99 a pop first. There will be a discount of $409.99 to your bill credited across the time span of 24 months. The crediting will kick off some time from 2 to 3 bill cycles, and it will come to an end when the balance is finally paid. Of course, caveats apply, and the line should never be inactive within the 24 month period in order for you to be eligible for the full credit.

Do take note that Verizon at point of publishing happens to be the sole wireless provider to offer the Google Home voice assistant device, where it carries a recommended retail price of $129.99. For a limited time only, you might as well take advantage of this offer that will net you half a year’s worth of free YouTube Red with each Google Home purchase. The YouTube Red membership will surely let you enjoy an unforgettable YouTube Music experience, where there are way more songs with various versions sans ads, controlled using your voice and your voice alone.

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