Children's show viewers identify with the Gospel

( [email protected] ) Mar 08, 2004 08:02 AM EST

USA - Kids from all over the country find value and meaning in a christian radio series that CBH Ministries had broadcast. The Gospel is made available to them by the relatability of the problems that characters have and the lifestyles that they portray.

CBH Ministries has done much work in reaching the children and their family by teaching the Word of God to them. Their creation of outreach programs, have spurred much new interest in the Gospel. Listeners react to the stories of faithful families on the radio. Jim Mueller who is an actor of the radio series, "Down Gilead Lane" says "it's how the situations are dealt with, more than whether or not things are always resolved in a happy way."

It is evident that children are responding positively to the stories as they identify with the meaning of a certain message. Mueller's wife, Jill says that kids can see through this show Playing the role of the perfect parent can be taxing, but at the same time, she sees it as an opportunity to bring real life experience into her character. That's what the listeners are responding to.

The children who listen to these radio programs find that they can extract and true and deeper meaning of God's Word even if the stories do not appear to resemble particular teachings or morals in the Bible. Through this radio program, a new world of faith is opened up the these children.