'Teen Mom OG' Casts Reveal Their First Impressions on Each Other, Who's the 'Sweet' One Amongst the Teen Moms?

( [email protected] ) Nov 25, 2016 09:14 AM EST
'Teen Mom OG' Casts Reveal Their First Impressions on Each Other, Who's the 'Sweet' One Amongst the Teen Moms?


The teen moms of "Teen Moms OG" has had the opportunity to share what they all felt when they just met each other and some had very interesting comments.

First impressions could be the best or the worst comment someone could give to you. With the casts of "Teen Moms OG" Amber, Catelynn, Maci and Farrah, it felt like an unusual moment.  

Because they all share the same situation, being young mothers, there was less prejudice.

In a teaser clip of this long-running reality series, the four shared their thoughts on each other. Almost everyone had a light-hearted description on each other, except for Farrah who was already aloof of the three from the beginning.  

Cate was apparently the "sweet" one amongst the four. Farrah, as usual, was the outlier. Farrah said Catelynn was "very, very nosy" to her.

When it comes to everyone's first impression on Farrah, the moms gave a "wow" comment which was an unclear compliment. She was also said to be "guarded."

When it comes to Maci, Farrah said she is "very short and little." To her response, Maci said she has been little her whole life. The other moms, Maci also appeared as "sweet and innocent." Someone even said it was too impossible for someone to be as sweet as Maci.

"Teen Moms OG" Season 6 Finale is set to be exciting. There are some bad events and some really good ones like Maci's upcoming wedding.

To start off with the "bad" scenarios, Tyler's dad, Butch Baltierra, got arrested again after being freed from prison not more than a year ago. It came a shock to Tyler, but thankfully, it was only because Butch missed a parole meeting.

Farrah, on the other hand, was facing another drama as she prepares for a meet-and-greet with her future step-dad, Dr. David Merz.

David might not be Farrah's favorite person as Dr. Merz is quite honest and rash. Dr. Merz said that he is already aware of the show and he does not like how Farrah treats her mother, Debra.

"She's been through a bunch of s***, and she gets all this stuff thrown at her. I've watched Teen Mom," he continues. "It hurts me because I know her and GRRR GRRR! Why are they doing that to her? You know, beating her up?" said Dr. Merz.

On the lighter side of things, Maci and her one true love walks down the aisle.

More on "Teen Moms OG" in their upcoming kickoff on Nov. 28 at 1 p.m.


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