HTC Vive Gets $100 Discount on Black Friday

( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2016 09:53 AM EST
style="display: none" Good things come to those who wait, and if you have been hankering after the HTC Vive all this while but never really got down to purchasing it, here’s some good news. The HTC Vive will see its price slashed by $100 this Black Friday.
Know what are the best games for HTC Vive Tech Radar

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is certainly the next big thing as technology in this department has finally caught up with the current generation of devices, which means we no longer have to settle for subpar and headache inducing titles on the Virtual Boy by Nintendo. The HTC Vive certainly proved itself to be quite the hit when it was first introduced, and it is still maturing along the way with the kind of software being developed for it. Well, for those who have been holding off getting the HTC Vive will be able to smile this coming Black Friday as it will arrive with a $100 discount.

Yes sir, this coming Black Friday all the way through to Cyber Monday, HTC would want to make the HTC Vive more affordable and accessible to everyone else, which is why the Taiwanese company will be introducing a $100 price cut for the HTC Vive. This $100 price cut will be extended to all online and retail stores, where among them include Amazon as well as the official Vive site, of course. In other words, the HTC Vive will retail for $699 a pop as opposed to the recommended retail price of $799. However, do take note that this offer is good only while stocks last -- which means being the early worm would leave you with a far higher chance to pick up the HTC Vive on the cheap as opposed to waiting for Cyber Monday.

This is also the first major price cut that we have seen when it comes to a high-end VR headset of the HTC Vive’s caliber. HTC’s site does have a list of retailers where you can pick up the HTC Vive from, and they include Microsoft Stores,, Gamestop,, Micro-center, and Not only that, this Black Friday would mark the very first time that 34 Fry’s locations in the US as well as online will carry the HTC Vive for the very first time.

Viveport, which is the official name for HTC’s VR experience catalog, will also carry some VR titles on the cheap. This will surely be able to go some way to help you enjoy your HTC Vive right out of the box, and there will be major as well as minor titles. Check the full list out in order to see what floats your boat, and what doesn’t -- it will surely be worth the effort as you take the first step to move into the world of VR.

The discounted $699 price tag does not mean that the HTC Vive automatically becomes affordable, since it would maintain its position as the priciest home VR headset to date. The Sony PlayStation VR with its launch bundle retails for $499 outright, while the Oculus Rift is going for $599. To go along with the HTC Vive, make sure that your gaming PC does have some pretty high end components, otherwise it would not be able to deliver the optimal and expected VR experience.

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