'Persona 5: The Game' Release Date Debutes in Japan, P5 Latest News and Updates

( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2016 10:32 AM EST
It looks like game mechanics of Persona 5: The Game has been detailed in this highly anticipated gaming title that has already debuted in Japan.

There are many types of game genres out there which will appeal to different kinds of people and personalities, although the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre tends to attract the thinking and cerebral types. It does not require so much the reflexes and quick thinking capabilities exhibited by StarCraft and Quake maestros, but you do end up with (most of the time, anyways) a gripping storyline that offers a sense of visual storytelling -- something that books are unable to provide. Persona 5 is not some sort of car model name and make, but rather, it is a role playing game that was developed by the folks over at Atlus.

Persona 5 will be released not only for the current generation Sony PS4, but also for the previous generation PS3 console as well. While it might carry the numeral 5 in the name, chronologically speaking, this title would be the sixth in the entire Persona series, which in turn is part of larger Megami Tensei franchise. In Persona 5, you will find yourself thrown into various spots in Tokyo, where it will feature a bunch of angsty high school students (aren’t they all) who carry the name "The Phantom Thieves of Hearts."

This particular group of high school students might seem to be rather normal in a sense, but they do more than just go to school and study while enjoying extra-curricular activities. In fact, they happen to indulge in a fair bit of the supernatural by checking out a realm known as "The Palace". The main goal of entering this supernatural realm? To steal the evil intent that resides in the hearts of adults. It might be familiar to those who have long followed and played the Persona series, where this team will do battle against supernatural enemies, and such battles are achieved via manifestations of their psyche which are known as Personas.

In Persona 5, you will be able indulge in your role as any of the members of "The Phantom Thieves of Hearts." Among the members include the leader (Silent Protagonist), one with an attitude (Ryuuji Sakamoto), the Japanese American girl (Ann Tamaki), an art student (Yusuke Kitagawa), the mysterious (Morgana), the residet geek (Futaba Sakura) and the Beauty Thief (Haru Okumura).

The timeline in Persona 5 will happen throughout the whole school year, and this would mean opening up plenty of opportunities when it comes to ensuring that you make new friends, get all the right grades to pass your classes, as well as expand your social network at school with different characters. You can also take a virtual tour of different places in Tokyo when you are not raiding dungeons or learning stuff in the classroom. There will also be the presence of part time to spice things up.

Dungeons in Persona 5 will get even more challenging, since they will come with special stealth and combat sections that will cater to varying battle scenarios. Already available in Japan, Persona 5’s English version is in the pipeline, being targeted for an April 4 release in the US and Europe. In the mean time, check out the gameplay mechanics of Persona 5 in the video below.

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