'Glossy Black' Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Leaked: Out in December

( [email protected] ) Nov 27, 2016 08:00 AM EST
Rumors have it that Samsung is releasing a new Galaxy S7 Edge with a glossy black finish. Release date is said to be this December 2016.
'Glossy Black' Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Weibo.

Rumors have it that Samsung is releasing a new Galaxy S7 Edge with a glossy black finish. Release date is said to be this December 2016.

Images of the Galaxy S7 Edge's new color has been released on Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site. Netizens say the glossy black finish looks much like the phone's Olympic Games edition.

Samsung has struggled in the market since its release of Galaxy Note 7, which proved to have massive faulty manufacturing issues. The company lost almost $3bn due to court cases and product recalls, the South Korean tech giant is hoping to get back in the game with the release of its Galaxy S8 and now, 'glossy black' Galaxy S7 Edge.

The 'glossy back' Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is being released to compete with Apple's iPhone currently in matte black and jet black finishes.

In the third quarter of 2016, Samsung, which was always been on top at either one or two, has been out of the spots due to the company's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. It was overtaken by Apple at No. 1, Huawei (No. 2), Vivo (No. 3), and OPPO (No. 4).

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has proven to be a bane to the company's sales and reputation. As response to the Galaxy Note 7 issue, Koh Dong-jin, head of Samsung's Mobile Business says, the company stays committed to restoring consumer trust.

Other netizens say that the 'glossy black' finish can be one of Samsung's desperate attempts to break in the market, along with its Galaxy S8 due to be released this early 2017 (most probably February).

Samsung has also recently released a Galaxy Note 7 'onyx black' color finish; however, it didn't fare well in the market.

But Ken Salcedo of the International Business Times says Samsung's efforts may not be in vain. He notes that when the company released its Galaxy Note 7 'coral blue' color finish, units were sold in the thousands a day, almost 15,000 to be exact.

Salcedo adds that as for his speculations on the 'glossy black' Samsung Galaxy S7, "It's possible that Samsung will make the new glossy black Galaxy 7 stand out by having a black metal frame." He says this in reference to Galaxy S7's gray silver metal frame.  

Ewan Spence of Forbes also adds to Samsung's hopes with its 'glossy black' release rumors, saying that the company can get back in the game if they release a mobile phone with a strong surface, as this is the common complaint of Apple users with iPhone's inability to steer clear of screen 'micro-abrasions'.