Chris Tomlin Joins Justin Timberlake, Garth Brooks in Award for Reaching 1 Billion Streams

( [email protected] ) Nov 28, 2016 11:31 AM EST
Chris Tomlin joins Justin Timberlake, Garth Brooks and Pitbull as the recipients of the Digital Radio Award.
Chris Tomlin has recently released a new album. Twitter

Award-winning contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin has added another award to his many achievements. In the recent 47th Dove Awards last October, SoundExchange gave an award to Chris Tomlin. The Digital Radio Award from SoundExchange, which is a nonprofit organization that distributes and collects digital performance royalties on behalf of its recording artists, has only been awarded three times in the past, to Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake and Pitbull. Tomlin is the fourth to receive the award and the first Christian artist to get it. The SoundExchange Digital Radio Award is given to artists who are members of SoundExchange and have amassed more than one billion streams.

Michael Huppe, president and CEO of SoundExchange gave Chris Tomlin the award. Huppe thanked Tomlin for everything he has done for the industry and for the message of hope that he brings through his songs.

Prior to being given the award from Michael Huppe, gospel singer Anthony Brown related how he considers Tomlin as his mentor, despite having never met him. Brown talked about Tomlin inspired him to pray to God to give him songs that people from the whole world will sing, and they don't have to know his name, just as long as they know God.

In his acceptance speech, Tomlin did not forget to thank his band and all the people who have helped him with his songs. He was emotional while thanking his wife and family, and he is proud that the award means for the genre of Christian music, he believes that the award is not just for him, but to show recognition for Christian music as a whole.

"To me, all this says is that it signals that the church is alive and well and strong and ever on the move. And I've believed all my life that there is no higher way to express music than to bring glory to God, the One who created it in the first place."

TIME Magazine has once dubbed Chris Tomlin as likely "the most sung artist anywhere". He has sold over 7 million albums, and a book entitled "Good, Good Father" and a new album, "Never Lose Sight."

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