NES Classic Mini Cyber Monday 2016: All The Great Bargains

( [email protected] ) Nov 28, 2016 11:45 AM EST
Missed the Black Friday boat where the NES Classic Mini is concerned? Fret not, there is always Cyber Monday as a "backup".
The NES Classic Edition is the latest hit from the company. John Kinsley/ Wikipedia

You know what they say -- it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. The NES Classic Edition is more proof that Nintendo seems to be the only video game console manufacturer that is able to churn out some pretty amazing hits, selling really, really antiquated stuff in new packaging with some minor upgrades here and there a couple of decades down the road, and making a boatload of money while they are at it. If you have missed out on the NES Classic Edition console over Black Friday, fret not -- there is always Cyber Monday to fall back upon.

The NES Classic Edition costs $59.99 a pop, and it has not managed to make its way to online sales ever since it made its debut not too long ago. Which is a rather unique move by Nintendo, come to think of it. You would normally want to make sure that just about all possible avenues of sales will be made available to your target market in order to achieve wildly successful sales figures, right? Well, it looks like the NES Classic Edition is taking the road less traveled. Perhaps by doing so, it might actually be able generate an even greater amount of interest among the masses.

Normally, Cyber Monday happens the Monday after Black Friday sales kick off, and it is yet another window of opportunity for those who have not managed to get all that they wanted to purchase to do so -- on the cheap, I might add. Walmart apparently did run a number of flash sales when it came to the NES Classic Edition before Black Friday happened, but what about majority of people out there who have already migrated to the online shopping platform?

I4U claimed that Best Buy stores were able to snag some NES Classic Edition units for their Black Friday event, although that eventually did not pan out as expected, leaving fans clamoring for this throwback to the good old days of 8-bit gaming disappointed and deflated. Perhaps Best Buy might be able to introduce some bit of festive cheer this Cyber Monday, who knows?

News Every Day did make mention that those who are interested in the NES Classic Edition have decided to settle for a tracker website that will sniff out any kind of online deals for this highly elusive and diminutive console. Hmmm, certainly the lack of offers for such an affordable device might be worth thinking about -- that Nintendo figured out it is fairly priced to be accessible to everyone, so a discount is not really required.

What about you? The NES Classic Edition, in my opinion, is but just a side exercise from Nintendo at the moment. Perhaps it might even be a hobbyist idea from someone at Nintendo to repackage the 8-bit console with HDMI connectivity and a smaller form factor, as Nintendo concentrates on the main draw -- their upcoming Nintendo Switch which should revolutionize the way home video game consoles work. In the mean time, good luck in your search for that elusive Cyber Monday deals for the NES Classic Edition!

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