Hollywood A-List Celebrities Who Are Pro-Life

( [email protected] ) Nov 29, 2016 10:18 AM EST
These are some of the Hollywood celebrities who have stood up against abortion: Celine Dion, Martin Sheen, Jack Nicholson, Chuck Norris, Patricia Heaton, Andrea Bocelli, Jim Caviezel, and more.
Andrea Bocelli's mother did not choose to abort him despite being told that he would be born with defects. Twitter

Hollywood has been divided on the issue of abortion, it was especially seen last year in the funding issue of Planned Parenthood, with many A-list celebrities giving their support. But there are still other celebrities who believe in pro-life and not pro-choice, and some of them are listed down below.

Celine Dion's stance against abortion is personal, as her mom, who already had 13 children found herself pregnant. She almost terminated the pregnancy but at the last minute talked to a priest who told her that she did not have the right to do it. Her mother decided not to push through with it, and Celine Dion was born not long after.

Martin Sheen, despite being a Democrat, when it comes to abortion, Sheen's stance is clear. That's because of his wife, who was conceived from rape, was almost aborted. Sheen shares that he opposes anything that requires people to be sacrificed for some "end justifying a means."

Jack Nicholson, the Academy Award-winning actor, has almost the same story as Sheen's wife. He feels gratitude for his life and has stated that he is "positively against abortion."

Andrea Bocelli's mother had appendicitis while pregnant with the Italian tenor, despite the doctors advising her to abort because the baby will be born with defects, but his mother decided not to. Despite being born blind, Andrea Bocelli was also gifted with an amazing voice and he hopes his story will encourage mothers who might face the same situation.

Chuck Norris is known for his conservative stance and he says, "We need to get back to a view of humanity that emphasizes the immortal worth of every human being. The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.

Model Kathy Ireland made strong statements on the issue of abortion. She says that the evidence  tells her that the unborn is a human being. That they have a genetic blueprint from the moment they have been conceived. She says that the unborn are not just part of the body of the mother, but is an individual and therefore must be defended.

Patricia Heaton, who has starred in "Everybody Loves Raymond", also voiced her opinion against abortion. She says that she cannot believe in a philosophy that would seek to destroy a human life to solve a problem that is psychological, social and economic.

"The Passion of the Christ" actor Jim Caviezel has stated that abortion is not helping the women and believes that abortion is a "great sin."

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