Jeremy Lin Injury Update: Recovery Could Take a While, No Date Set for Return to Court

Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin did not play on Sunday’s game, and it could take a while before he goes back to court.
Jeremy Lin Facebook/Jeremy Lin

Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin did not play on Sunday’s game, and it could take a while before he goes back to court.

No date has been set for his return from a hamstring injury he got earlier this month. In the meantime, he found a way to participate in every game by creating his own version of “offensive efficiency statistics,” according to Net Daily.

“Linology. It’s beautiful. It’s his way of showing he cares. He asked me if he could do it, and I said, ‘Yeah, sure,’” Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said. “And he just does it, and he hands it to me after every game, and then I hand it to — you know, I’m not exactly sure where it goes.”

With the Nets losing six out of their last eight games, the team could probably make good use of those stats. But even if his coach may not use them, Lin keeps taking down notes, revealing a side of him that does not want to be left idle or just passively watch the games on the sidelines.

The Nets had a promising start of season, but they appeared to have lost momentum. With a 4-11 start and ranking 21 in offensive efficiency, the Nets are presently struggling. Lin being out with an injury with no certainty as to when he could return has put more strain on the team.

In a Facebook video posted on his account Saturday, Lin thanked the people who prayed for him but did not reveal more about his condition.

“What’s up, guys! Thank you so much for your prayers. I’m hoping to be back out there soon,” Lin said in the video, which showed his legs with attachments that massaged his limbs. “24 hour/7 rehab on the hamstring … Right now we’re just flushing out the legs, making sure I don’t have any soreness tomorrow.”

Lin hasn’t played since Nov. 2 and missed his 12th consecutive game Tuesday night, in which the Nets won 127-122 against the Clippers.

Lin’s career has taken many turns, yet his faith in God has kept him moving forward. Last year, he humbly admitted feeling discouraged and burnt out after a season and how he found strength in God, who “comes through in His unique and perfect way every time!”

“See, the truth is that I can’t even play for myself. The right way to play is not for others and not for myself, but for God,” he once said.

Off the court, Lin has committed to partner with Eugene Cho's One Day’s Wages to help empower girls through education. Lin said many girls from other countries are unable to go to school.

“This is due to unaffordable school fees, forced child marriage, lack of sanitary products when they reach puberty, and many other barriers,” Lin explained. “My hope is to shed some light on these issues, and invite you to join me in taking action.”

He encouraged others to join him in the endeavor either by donating funds or starting a similar campaign.

“I believe it's important to raise awareness about social justice issues that have been swept under the rug. This is why I'm coming alongside One Day's Wages, a movement to alleviate extreme global poverty, to do my part in raising awareness about the issues many girls face in pursuing their dreams,” he added.


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