Longmire Season 6 Renewal Drama Also Involves A Pregnant Vic

( [email protected] ) Nov 30, 2016 09:11 AM EST
Netflix's Longmire Season 6 has certainly had its fair share of renewal drama, as the series draws to a close.
Teaser image for Netflix's ''Longmire'' series. YouTube / Netflix U.S. & Canada

As with any other good rumor out there (or basically, any rumor, in fact), you should always take it with a pinch of salt -- and so the same applies when it comes to news or word concerning the sixth season of the TV series Longmire that is currently shown on Netflix. Basically, Longmire Season 6 is an on-off affair with nothing concrete surrounding the renewal of the TV series, even with whispers of Robert Taylor actually asking for a spin off in order to make things more juicy. While many viewers out there would like to see the Longmire series head into season 6, fan power alone might not be enough to see it through -- and it does not help ease the suspense and tension either, that the producers as well as showrunners of Longmire failed to divulge any details concerning a possible spin off or renewal information.

Still, as the fat lady has not sung just yet, why not check out what are some of the possible story arcs that might just make its way into Longmire Season 6? While it would be difficult for any person to arrive at the end of a particular project, especially if it has played a major role in one’s life, all good things must eventually come to an end. Actors and actresses might find life after Longmire to be a tough journey, but that is a different story for another day.

Whispers have been going around that Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff, the main stars of the Longmire series, might be under fire -- with Netflix mulling over the cancellation of the TV series some time down the road. Other rumors claim that Longmire Season 6 has been given the green light to go ahead, and in the final season, viewers might have expectations that a new romantic relationship will be part of the excitement as the story unfolds further, exploring the different aspects of life in various characters.

Walt will most probably see additional challenges in Longmire Season 6, and with speculation of Walt and Vic’s budding romance, there might be wedding bells by the time the series comes to an end. However, there might be a bump (in more ways than one) in their relationship, as Vic happens to be pregnant with somebody else’s child -- and not Walt’s, while Walt is free from his previous relationship. Could this love child be a stumbling block between the blossoming love of the couple? If so, how will the two come about to overcome this challenge should they decide to finally walk down the aisle?

Let us turn back the clocks a bit to jog our memories. Vic was a victim in Season 5 of Longmire, resulting in her being pregnant. Will she continue to carry the baby in her to full term, or will she decide to go ahead with an abortion? This should be a question that ought to be answered in Longmire Season 6, and it remains to be seen just what kind of reaction that Walt will have to this particular bit of news.

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