NBA Trade Rumors: Golden State Warriors Might Net Jimmy Butler On Their Payroll Soon

( [email protected] ) Dec 01, 2016 09:36 AM EST
There are more trade rumors in the NBA, where it will involve the likes of Jimmy Butler to the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson to the Celtics, among others.
The Chicago Bulls find a new leader in Jimmy Butler. Shinya Suzuki/Flickr/CC

Players comes and players go, that is the nature of the game when it comes to sports, especially where team sports are concerned. With that, certain high profile players would find themselves coming under the spotlight whenever the transfer window opens -- or even if it is not, there will be those who are constantly hounded as to what their future would be like. Well, it seems that NBA trade rumors involving Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is now under the spotlight, being rather hot property when Boston Celtics TV analyst Brian Scalabrine made mention on a national radio program that a deal is being weighed up at the moment by the Celtics for a player of Thompson’s caliber.

Needless to say, this particular bit of rumor was not well received by the Golden State Warriors who have promptly shot it down. However, just like those irritating cockroaches that happen to infest your home, they simply refuse to die. In fact, there has been a flurry of online activity that point to a possible Klay Thompson trade. There is a fair number of pundits out there who believe that should the struggles continue over at the Golden State Warriors despite of the huge potential that the team has, the management might want to make the necessary steps by revamping the team, and Klay Thompson could be one of the candidates to leave.

Real GM has sniffed out an angle where the Warriors and Chicago Bulls were talking about a possible deal that will involve star small forward Jimmy Butler during the February trade deadline in the previous season. While that deal fell through, the Golden State Warriors did reiterate their interest in Butler by contacting the Chicago Bulls concerning Butler’s possible availability. This has certainly led to rumors that Butler is still in the picture, if the team chemistry does not pick up even with Kevin Durant is in their side.

We might even be on the receiving end of a three-team deal with the Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls all having an interest in someone from a different team. Such a possibility will see the Golden State Warriors add Jimmy Butler to their payroll, while Klay Thompson will end up at the Boston Celtics. As for the Chicago Bulls, they would be happy to see small forward Jae Crowder be part of their team, with point guard Marcus Smart joining as well.

Of course, a lot of this will hinge on the Golden State Warriors performing at levels that are unexpected -- on the lower strata, as opposed to free flowing basketball. Team chemistry is something that simply cannot be replicated with a formula, so have a team sheet full of star studded names will simply not work as there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Well, this means that we will just have to wait and see what will end up by the time this merry go round of rumors come to a close. Hopefully there will be a change in team jerseys by the end of it all, which will certainly spice up the games that are lined up!

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