Nokia To Enter Phone Market Soon With Android-Powered Devices

( [email protected] ) Dec 04, 2016 08:13 AM EST
Nokia is one phone brand name that many of us are familiar with, although the younger generation might not have actually used one of their handsets if they grew up with smartphones. It is nice to know that Nokia intends to make a splash in the smartphone market with Android-powered handsets soon.

I am quite sure that the older ones among us would have found that Nokia handphones used to be the bomb. In fact, it was with much anticipation that a new Nokia handset was announced and subsequently, released. After all, back in their heyday, Nokia was the one company that popularized the idea of an antenna-less handset with the Nokia 3210. Boy, was that design revolutionary, followed by the “unbreakable” Nokia 3310, while the smaller form factors such as the Nokia 7000 series and 8000 series were the cream of the crop, looking great while being functional.

Of course, the advent of smartphones saw Nokia drop out of the race, which was a pity considering the extremely rich heritage of the handsets that they had come up with in the past. Well, nothing remains absolute in terms of business, and there can always be a U-turn where decisions are made. The latest word on the street is that Nokia is starting to sell their very own handsets once again on their website. Of course, this particular range that has gone up for sale happens to be the most basic of models. Cookie cutter dumb phones, if you may call them, which will certainly cater to those who live in developing countries and are just learning how to remain connected to one another. Of course, the bigger news behind this is the fact that Nokia is working on their very own Android-powered smartphones which will be part of their product offerings in due time.

These Android-powered smartphones will not be the only devices on sale, since we have also received word that Nokia would be looking into the realm of tablets, too. Now tablets are not exactly booming, and neither did tablets take over the laptop market after establishing itself for so many years. In other words, tablets are nice to have, but definitely not essential in terms of mobile productivity. Would it be wise for Nokia to enter what could possibly be a sunset industry? Only time will be able to tell, and we do hope that we will be able to see advancements made in this department too.

This development by Nokia is made possible courtesy of a deal with a relatively tiny team that is based in Finland, calling themselves HMD Global. HMD Global has faith that they will be able to come up with efforts that will bring Nokia to a whole new level.

At this point in time, Nokia continues to be a major player where the telecoms infrastructure is concerned after they sold off their mobile unit. The Nokia brand has been licensed to HMD Global, and this is where this small outfit has big dreams for a giant of the past. One of their recent forays included cherry picking the best designers in the industry which should be a good place to start.

As to where Nokia will finally end up in terms of smartphones and tablets, that is up to the future to determine, but having another name in the market would certainly be more than welcome. Perhaps there is some sort of revolutionary new design and user interface ideas that will be unleashed?

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