The Best Tech Gifts for Kids This Christmas 2016

( [email protected] ) Dec 04, 2016 08:08 AM EST
Children of this generation are very technologically proficient.
Elmo can even 'remember' a child's name. Google Play.

Children of this generation are very technologically proficient. Kids even as young as three know how to operate an iPad. Many parents, too, are supportive of the move from books to digital devices as many educational apps, both free and paid, are available for download for kids across all ages.

For this Christmas, kids can take advantage of tech gifts that are educational, durable and enjoyable to play with. Here are our gift suggestions:

1. Hasbro's Yo-kai Watch: $16.99

The Yo-kai watch takes inspiration from a Japanese anime where the watch is supposed to hold a different 'yokai' (spirit) every time. The watch is now brought to life with interchangeable medals that represent different types of 'yokai'. Whenever a medal is inserted in the watch, the 'yokai' gives out its specific sound. There are over 100 medals to choose from that can be bought separately. And yes, do not forget this also works as a legitimate watch.

2. Love2Learn Elmo: $44.44

The Love2Learn Elmo plush doll works with the Love2Learn Elmo app that can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. This stuffed toy works much like an interesting 'friend' where Elmo can ask more than 350 questions, can sing, laugh and play games, and can interact with a child through the app's many playing options. Elmo can even call the child by his/her name which should be programmed once the app is installed.

3. Kano Computer Kit: $150

Kano is a Lego-inspired DIY computer kit that even a six-year old can assemble. It features hardware components and accessories that kids can piece together guided by the colorful step-by-step manual. Once computer setup is complete, there is also an option for kids to do basic programming with the steps featured on the storybook-like manual.

4. WowWee's CHiP Robot Dog: $162.01

WowWee's CHiP is a robot dog brought to life with features that include voice recognition, interactive games, and real dog antics such as sniffing, rolling over, sitting, and begging for food. It is an intelligent robot dog with movements it can 'learn' through programming on the app, as CHiP should be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This robot dog also features touch sensors triggering it to wag its tail when touched on the head, or to roll over when its tummy is tickled.  

Buying tech gifts for kids this Christmas should not be difficult with many options online and in retail stores. Tech gifts do not need to be expensive, too. As always, it's the thought that counts.