Ben Carson to Join Trump's Cabinet as Secretary for Housing

( [email protected] ) Dec 05, 2016 09:43 PM EST
Dr. Ben Carson is joining Trump's Cabinet as the Secretary for Housing and Urban Development. This and other Cabinet nominations were a bit of a surprise. Carson's nomination is particularly unique because the two men were rivals in this campaign for the presidency.

Though they rivaled each other in this year's campaign, now Carson will be joining Trump's White House.  Dr. Ben Carson will be serving as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary for the coming Trump administration.

Donald Trump issued a statement via Twitter exclaiming that he was "thrilled" to have the esteemed doctor join forces with him. He also described Carson as being passionate about urban development and those within urban communities.

One can't help but notice this is a very different relationship between these men than what we saw on the campaign trail. Donald Trump was openly dubious regarding some of the incidents mentioned in Carson's book, Gifted Hands. Though he never seemed to mention it, the allegations surely cut deeply for the doctor with the inner city childhood story.

Carson has been quoted as explaining that there are two sides to Donald Trump: the man on television and the cerebral thinker that has our nation's best at heart.  Given his medical background, many thought that Carson would be placed in the position of health and human services, however, it seems Carson's chats with president-elect Trump regarding urban development lead to this rather unexpected Cabinet placement.

Other Trump Cabinet choices have included: Steve Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs executive for Treasury and Betsy DeVos is going to be the Secretary of Education.  Trump has also asked retired General James Mattis to be his Secretary of Defense.  With such unexpected Cabinet choices, the Trump administration will certainly be one to watch for greatness.

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