Quake victims in Morocco receiving aid from Christians

( [email protected] ) Mar 08, 2004 06:36 PM EST

Morocco - Victims are now receiving aid in Morocco after a powerful earthquake hit the north African country earlier last week. An estimated 500 people were killed in the quake, another 500 were injured, and approximately 30,000 are currently living in make-shift shelters.

Food for the Hungry, a Christian Humanitarian organization, is assisting the people of Morocco following the quake, which was reported to have been 6.5 in magnitude. Food for the Hungry's Tamara Dutch reported, "We have already provided blankets and food to protect the families from the cold. Because a lot of the quake victims are living in remote mountain villages and it snows this time of year, we're trying to give them warmth and immediate food that they need."

Food for the Hungry is providing food in the name of Christ through local organizations. Dutch commented, "We would love if your listeners would pray. Pray for recovery. Pray for the emotions and for God to help families as they're struggling through this terrible tragedy. And, also, listeners can donate."

Food for the Hungry is working in 37 countries around the world. Those who wish to make donations are encouraged to visit the Food for Hungry website (fh.org) or call 1-800-2-HUNGERS.