10 Best Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

( [email protected] ) Dec 06, 2016 11:17 AM EST
Get away from the usual and rather boring gifts for women such as lipstick, handbag, stockings and beauty creams.
A clutch that doubles up as a speaker. The Gadget Flow.

Get away from the usual and rather boring gifts for women such as lipstick, handbag, stockings and beauty creams. With the phenomenal impact of technology, the significant women in your life will most likely appreciate tech gifts well-thought of for them.

But with the vast online and offline catalogues to choose from, which tech gifts can last and are sold for what they're worth?

Here are our top ten tech gift suggestions for women:

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: $400

This noiseless hair dryer from one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer goods looks so out of this world that will have anyone get its attention. It is built with the user's hair and skin health in mind, unlike regular hair dryers that literally 'dry' anyone's hair and scalp with each use. The product is formed into circles where the air is blown out, with the right temperature to further protect the hair. The design is also intuitive to follow the natural waves and curls of the hair, emphasizing the natural volume of anyone using it.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera: $70

Even with the popularity of photo-sharing sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, it cannot be denied that sometimes people also prefer photos that they can put into scrapbooks or stick on their walls. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera lets anyone take photos and print them out instantly. The camera is built with an automatic flash, and has interchangeable lens for when there is a need to take photos in sunny places, or in night raves.

3. Powerstation XXL: $100

It cannot be denied that people are getting more attached to their smartphones, relying on these devices for messaging, note-taking, photos, and emails among others. The Powerstation XXL is built for the phone-heavy user who needs a reliable and heavy-duty power bank charger with a capacity that can support full charges for up to three phones.

4. Mini-Clutch Speaker: $149

This Stelle Audio clutch is as chic as it gets, until one realizes it also works as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is built with a lot of space without the bulk. Getting this clutch is like getting the party started all the time. The user should be careful though as the clutch, and the speaker, are not waterproof.

5. Power Puff Keychain: $60

Let's admit, some women just love packing in so much stuff in their handbags. The problem is, one is left to sift through the whole bag for when there is a need to find the power cord for charging. Rebecca Minkoff's Power Puff Keychain solves just that, piecing together the power cord with a cute puffball that can be secured in the bag.

6. Fitbit Charge HR: $150

This health and exercise activity watch is perfect for those who like monitoring their workouts, heart rate and sleep. It comes in different colors and is very lightweight. It has a battery life of up to five days so the user should make sure the charger is brought for long travels.

7. Plattan Wireless Headphones: $99

No one likes to look like gamers when they listen to music. These wireless headphones put in a touch of style to regular headphones with the use of neutral colors and leathery material. They're also very sturdy and can surely last for at least five years.  

8. Phone Charger Bracelet: $125

If having a phone charger keychain is not enough, the Q Designs Phone Charger Bracelet literally clings to the user for when there is the need to charge devices. It comes in different stylish colors which anyone wouldn't ever guess doubles up as a charger.

9. Gucci iPhone Case: $260

For the brand conscious, getting a Gucci iPhone case may seem like a bargain compared to buying a bag with the same brand. The iPhone case is made with real leather, carefully hand-painted with spring flower designs.

10. UGG Texting Gloves: $85

This winter, it can be difficult to be putting on and off one's gloves when there is a need to use a smartphone. With these stylish UGG Texting Gloves, smartphones can be used with ease even with the gloves on. It is also made with a leatherette outer cover to further protect the user from winter's harsh winds. 

Getting tech gifts for women this Christmas shouldn't be difficult and a chore. There are now lots of affordable choices to pick from that are of quality build and that can surely last.