New MacBook Pros Suffer From Graphics Glitches, Battery Life Issues

( [email protected] ) Dec 07, 2016 11:39 PM EST
It is no longer the era where Apple products simply work without any worries, where complaints are starting to stream in concerning the new MacBook Pros suffering from graphics glitches as well as battery life issues.

You are pleased as punch with your brand new MacBook Pro after unboxing it, and happily boot it up to get started. After a while, however, you realized that it does not deliver all that Apple had promised in the YouTube ads and sales pitches. Graphical glitches had started to mark the user experience on your MacBook Pro, and so too, has the battery begun to act all wonky. What are your options then?

A fix is coming soon in the form macOS Sierra 12.2.2
I suppose we would all have to be thankful in the first place that there are no more serious issues like spontaneously combusting batteries that could result in a serious burn or even death in the new MacBook Pros (although there has been reports of iPhone batteries catching fire from overheating recently in China). Well, we have received word that Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi has promised such graphical glitches and poor battery life in the new MacBook Pro will be fixed with the release of macOS Sierra 12.2.2. Owners of the new MacBook Pros who are affected will certainly hold Federighi to his word, that’s for sure. Let us take a closer look at what kind of issues plague some units of the new MacBook Pro.

Graphical glitches and battery issues in new MacBook Pro
It does not seem to be a widespread problem though -- which is something that everyone can appreciate. Basically, a select bunch of buyers who picked up the new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models that come with the Touch Bar feature started to experience issues with the GPUs and batteries. Needless to say, these complaints have made their way online on various forums: MacRumors, Reddit, and Apple Support included.

The graphical glitches vary from one MacBook Pro owner to another. Some of them made mention of crashes, others experienced red and green flashes without having to take any kind of mind altering substances, while others have to suffer through the likes of boot-up glitches, screen tearing, and flickering. There were even several users who reported encountering issues when they boot up Adobe apps, while others find that such graphical troubles flare up when making an attempt to synchronize images in Apple’s very own Photos app.

As though all of that were not bad enough, there are owners of the new MacBook Pro models that claimed how the battery life on these new machines were far from impressive, not even coming close to the 10 hour window that Apple trumpeted. Some cases saw as little as just 3 hours, while others managed to touch 6 hours with simple browsing on Safari.

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