Apple Chooses Clash Royale, Not Pokemon Go, as iPhone Game of the Year

( [email protected] ) Dec 09, 2016 09:29 AM EST
Apple named Clash Royale as the Best iPhone Game of the Year. Pokemon Go even missed the top ten of the list. Despite that, it was still rewarded the "Breakout Hit" award by the company.
Huge update coming to Clash Royale on May 18 Supercell

Apple released their top 10 games in iPhone and named Clash Royale as iPhone Game of the Year. Pokemon Go is nowhere near the list despite the sheer number of downloads it accumulated this past year.

Supercell's Clash Royale is a free real time multiplayer game which stars the Clash of Clans characters. It enable users to battle each other through collectible card games, defending towers, and destroying the enemy's towers.

Supercell's superb and fun graphics that mainly characterizes the famous Clash of Clans mobile game contributed to Apple's decision to name it as the Best Game of the Year. Pokemon Go, despite the unexpected and speedy popularity because of its new take on augmented reality, did not make it in Apple's top ten list.

Niantic's brainchild of producing Pokemon by the use of location-based augmented reality simply isn't polished enough to make it to the top. In the past months, the game suffered a loss of millions of users because of connectivity, downloading, and upgrading problems.

The sudden interest of people playing the game on a daily basis also wavers and eventually is brought to a stable level. Despite that, Pokemon Go is a step forward for the development of augmented reality games and its introduction to handheld devices.

Even though it missed Apple's best iPhone games of 2016, Pokemon Go is given the "Breakout Hit" recognition by the company. It is also included in Apple's most popular apps of the year, which makes it the only game included in the apps list along with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, according to Develop.  

The other games included in the top ten list of best iPhone games are Reigns, INKS, FIFA Mobile Football, klocki, Rodeo Stampede, PKTBALL, Crashlands, Leap Day and The Trail.

Reigns, which holds the second place, adopts the swiping style of Tinder where the player gets to decide and choose an option to solve requests from the people of his kingdom. It provides dark consequences regarding every decision that leads to death of several characters. Reign continues to be one of the leading games that are purchased and downloaded from Apple and is named the "Best Runner-up Award" next to Clash Royale.

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