iOS 10.2 Update Reveals New And Revamped Emoji

( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2016 10:37 PM EST
Face palm, shrug, owls, butterflies, and even sharks can now be expressed through emoji with iOS 10.2.
iOS 10.2 introduces new professions like scientist, teacher, pilot and firefighter to better reflect people everywhere. Apple

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Having said that, getting your message across in a short text might be easier through icons or emoji as opposed to typing down how you feel at that particular point in time. Well, surely old school smileys are rather economical in nature, but what about other words that are best conveyed through an emoji? With updates to emoji being done all the time, Apple has contributed their fair share over the years. iOS 10.2’s release is no different either, introducing hundreds of new as well as redesigned emoji.

With the new emoji released, you will be able to better get your message across with an economy of words. These new emoji will not only let you express a whole new level of diversity, it will also bring with it a slew of new professions to the mix, as well as letting you share more of your heart, soul and mind in Apple’s Messages. We of course, suspect that these emoji will eventually make their way for all platforms, but Apple device owners with iOS 10.2 running on them will be the first to benefit.

iOS 10.2 is a free software update that has just been made available recently, and it does not look like there are bugs to keep company iOS 10.2 -- which is a good thing, as previous iOS releases in recent memory does not exactly hinge on stability and perfection. New emoji that will represent various realms such as sports, food, professions, and animals, among others, will be made available to the ordinary user.

Profession emoji
In terms of profession, one will be able to take their pick of scientist (complete with protective goggles to boot and a bubbling concoction that is green in color, making her look more like a modern day witch), a teacher, a commercial airline pilot, and a firefighter.

Animal emojis
Some of the new additions to the world of animals include the shark, an owl, a butterfly, a gorilla, a rhinocerous, and of course, the fox. I must say that the fox itself does seem to look more like that of Mozilla’s Firefox mascot, but then again a fox emoji that resembles one which feeds on Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma is not going to be appealing to the masses, is it?

More food emoji
The French will certainly be pleased to know that the croissant has finally made it as an emoji in iOS 10.2, accompanied by the likes of a new bacon, an avocado, and a peace, among others.

In terms of smileys, you end up with a new drooling face, fingers crossed, as well as the long awaited face palm that many millennials will be able to identify with. The new emoji can be used over a slew of Apple devices, where watchOS 3.1.1 for Apple Watch and macOS Sierra 10.12.2 on the Mac will be able to play nice. What are some of your favorite new emojis in iOS 10.2?

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