Samsung Folded Smartphones To Debut In 2017

( [email protected] ) Dec 14, 2016 10:34 AM EST
Not one, but two folded smartphone models are touted to be released by Samsung in 2017 -- with CES 2017 or MWC 2017 being the possible launch pads.
It is rumored that Samsung could very well release not one, but two foldable smartphones next year. YouTube screengrab

The smartphone industry has definitely seen its fair share of innovations in the past, but most of the time, the candybar form factor and design is the most popular for one simple reason -- it works. Nothing more, nothing less. However, Samsung might want to change the way we look at as well as use smartphones next year with the introduction of not just one, but two foldable smartphone models. This is certainly a surprise, and a pleasant one, but hopefully that these foldable smartphones will be functional apart from looking cool as all get out only.

It has been touted that these two foldable smartphones will be presented either at CES 2017 that is happening in Las Vegas early next month, or it could be announced to the world at yet another major platform: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that normally happens in February each year. The two models will not comprise of one version being larger than the other. No sir, the first of the two will sport two displays -- with a flat display on either side, while there will be a hinge located in between.

As for the other foldable smartphone, it will most probably be the more expensive of the two, as it boasts of a solitary flexible OLED display. Yes sir, this particular OLED display can be bent, which lends the smartphone its foldable nature. Largely untested in the market -- if at all, it would most certainly make for a very interesting design departure from the standard candybar form factor. The displays for the dual-screen smartphone are tipped to be the handiwork of Japan Display Inc.

So far, Samsung has more or less remained mum concerning foldable smartphones, but we expect the South Korean conglomerate to break that silence sooner rather than later. There might be a shout out from Lenovo, as the China company too, has a foldable smartphone concept before, but it might be too early for Lenovo to make the first move since it is widely believed that they have yet to perfect the design as well as performance.

Surely apart from the foldable smartphones, Samsung ought to have the Samsung Galaxy S8 released. After all, that is their bread and butter flagship smartphone, and would be nuts if they were to ditch the Galaxy S series and focus on a totally new line altogether.

Samsung has not had a very good year in 2016, what with their supposed second flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ending up discontinued due to an issue with the internals that would cause it to spontaneously combust. Hopefully news like this will be able to help usher Samsung to a fantastic 2017. Certainly having a foldable smartphone, what more two models, in the market will be a novelty for many -- and even better if the foldable smartphones are able to work great without bursting into flames, of course.

That would go a long way in boosting up consumer confidence in the South Korean giant once again, and bring it to new heights for sure. Assuming the foldable design does catch on and inspire confidence in the market, which of the other smartphone manufacturers do you think will be the first to follow in Samsung’s footsteps?

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