Oculus Rift Plays Xbox One Games With New Streaming App

( [email protected] ) Dec 14, 2016 10:36 AM EST
A brand new streaming app now enables Xbox One games to be enjoyed on your Oculus Rift.
Experience VR gaming in a whole new way with the Xbox One streaming app for Oculus Rift. YouTube screengrab

So you happen to be in possession of one of the more expensive gaming toys around at the moment -- the Oculus Rift. Well, what are some of the titles on the Oculus Rift that you have enjoyed so far, and how else do you think you are going to expand on the device's gameplay? Fret not, Microsoft has just announced that they have rolled out their very own Xbox streaming app to the Oculus store. Known as the Xbox One Streaming App, you can then make use of it to enjoy your Xbox One games on the Oculus Rift, no questions asked.

Obviously, in order for this to happen, you will first need to have an Xbox One as well as the Oculus Rift set up in your home. From there, hook up the Xbox One through the app to the Oculus Rift, and you can then enjoy your games in a whole new manner. It does not matter whether you are reliving some of the older classics on the Xbox One, or firing your way through the later titles, it will be a whole new experience, quite unlike anything that you have experienced before, really. With the Xbox One Streaming App, your games will come to life on a huge virtual screen across not one, but a trio of immersive virtual theaters.

No longer will your Virtual Reality (VR) library be limited to just titles that have been built from scratch for the Oculus Rift platform. The Xbox One Streaming App will provide you with an instant explosion of your VR games library, through the Xbox One titles that you own. Of course, the good news does not stop here as well, since the Xbox One is backwards compatible with a select bunch of Xbox 360 titles, so too, will you be able to play older Xbox 360 games on the Oculus Rift as well. Just make sure that the Xbox One Streaming app works by connecting the Xbox One console to the same network as your home PC that is powered by Windows 10.

In order to jog your memory as to which Xbox 360 games will work on the Xbox One, check out the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list. You will need to have an Xbox Live subscription and at least broadband Internet for the game's initial download to happen on the console, with the ability to stream to just one device at any one time.

Better late than never would be the mantra that we will repeat here. After all, the Xbox One Streaming App was first unveiled in June of 2015. This means it is approximately one and a half years since the unveiling for the app to be made flesh, so to speak, on the Oculus Store. Thankfully, it is a free app, so what are you waiting for? Gaming would not get any more interactive or realistic at this point in time, so you might as well make the most of it for now. Experience Christmas gaming with family and friends in a whole new way with the Xbox One Streaming App on your Oculus Rift.

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