Destiny: The Dawning Holiday Update Goes Live, Sparrow Racing League Expands

( [email protected] ) Dec 14, 2016 12:31 PM EST
It is time for the holidays yet again, and this means more updates for your favorite games to keep you occupied. Destiny: The Dawning is the latest holiday update from Bungie.
Shining Sands takes place on Mercury -- the closest planet to our sun. Bungie/Activision

If there is one thing that modern day games have a gross advantage over the years before there was the Internet, it would be this -- the availability of updates or patches being released worldwide simultaneously. Bungie has taken advantage of what many of us have taken for granted all these years by rolling out a holiday-themed update for Destiny, calling it The Dawning. Destiny: The Dawning will see the most famous intergalactic speeder bike known as the Sparrow make an appearance in the Sparrow Racing League.

The Dawning was announced earlier in December at PlayStation Experience, where it will have its emphasis firmly placed on racing across the various worlds that Destiny offers. In fact, you would be spoilt for choice since there will be twice the number of maps available in 2016 as compared to the previous year. Assuming you prefer to remain low-key with your skills on the Sparrow, The Dawning update does not stop there since there will also be additional exotic items that you are able to pick up.

The Dawning is already available as it launched at 1 pm ET on December 13. However, all good things must come to an end, so it is no surprise that this holiday update, too, has an “expiry” date so to speak. The Dawning will be available for download for three weeks, which means January 3, 2017, would be the last day where you will be able to download it.

Regarding compatibility, you will only be able to enjoy The Dawning assuming you have also picked up the latest expansion that is Destiny: Rise of Iron. It will be free if you happen to qualify, which will also be in line with the release of update 2.5.0 to Destiny on both the Xbox One and Sony PS4.

What about the Sparrow Racing League? Clearly inspired by Mario Kart to a certain extent regarding its concept, it is closer to pod racing in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. You won’t find shady characters like Sebulba, and neither do you need lightning quick reflexes in order to participate. There will be a maximum of six players who will compete against one another, and Bungie has kindly come up with courses that are specially meant for racing with Sparrows. Those who manage to complete their fair share of races will be in the running to pick up Sparrow Racing League-themed gear, emblems, shaders and heck -- even more Sparrows.

Last year proved to be poor pickings regarding available maps with just Infinite Descent on Venus and Campus Martius on Mars. The Dawning will be a whole lot more generous this time around, where the maps comprise of Haakon Precipice on Earth and Shining Sands on Mercury. Hit up Amanda Holliday, the Shipwright in the Tower Hangar, among others. Racing’s not all, though, since you can expect to pick up quests from Commander Zavala and Eva Levante in The Dawning, as well as take a look at Zavala’s bounties.

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