Jeremy Lin Returns to Game, Ready to Inspire The Nets Back Into Straight Victories

( [email protected] ) Dec 15, 2016 09:39 AM EST
Nets' star point guard Jeremy Lin ready to get back his rhythm to put the Nets back into the winners' circle as Coach Kenny Atkinson says the Asian-American star did more than expected.
Christian athlete Jeremy Lin announced he recently started praying out loud for 30 minutes a day. Jeremy Lin

Brooklyn Nets Guard Jeremy Lin is still searching for his groove having just returned from his injury break and played his first game Monday. The Nets lost the game to the Houston Rockets at 118 - 122 at the Toyota Center.

Lin got into the court 20 minutes into the game and gave his team 10 points with 7 assists, however, it was obvious the point guard was not his usual self which may be attributable to some "tweaks" playing his first game since his hamstring injury.

"My burst of speed getting by guys isn't completely there yet. So you adjust and figure it out. A lot of times, it's getting passes out quicker or reading angles. I think that will come back soon, " Lin said. He pointed out that he is working towards regaining back his rhythm and speed in the game which is why he was not his usual self during transition offense and only had one turnover for the game.

"I'm just trying not to be flashy or take over the game. I'm trying to play naturally. If I'm hot one night or if they're giving me a certain thing, it'll happen, but I don't need to go and seek it," Lin added. Throughout the game he made 1/3 shots from deep and 4/8 field goals.

Atkinson, according to an interview with NewsDay, said that he did not want the Asian-American star to "try too many things" fresh out of recovery but was satisfied with Lin's performance during the game. He was expecting that instead of giving more impact to the game, it was more of a way to "feel" his way into getting back into his usual self of making flashy passes and darting past his opponents.

"You usually expect a guy to be a little rusty, but I didn't see that at all. He had great energy and played with good poise. I was just happy he didn't try to do too much. Sometimes, you come back and you're anxious to do too much, especially as ambitious as he is. It was good he did it within the team concept," said Atkinson.

Although the Nets failed to win 13 out of 17 games when Lin was out due to his injury, Isaiah Whitehead took the role well, according to Atkinson.

Lin was signed in for a three-year $38 million contract deal with the Nets with a 2-3 record before he took the leave for treatment of his injury.

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