Grand Juror in JonBenet Ramsey Case Claims to Know Who Killed Her

( [email protected] ) Dec 19, 2016 09:44 AM EST
A grand juror is opening up on the show "20/20" about his speculations on who killed JonBenet Ramsey
A grand juror who reviewed all the evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey case claims to know who might have killed her. Twitter

It has been 20 years since JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in her home, but until now her murder is still unsolved. She was strangled and hit on the head and was found in the basement of her family home in Boulder, Colorado.

Last week, CNN reported that Colorado authorities will be using a new DNA testing technology to help solve the JonBenet Ramsey case, which is one of the most famous unsolved cases in the country.

The new DNA testing facility will be opened by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in 2017, and they are hopeful that cold cases like JonBenet Ramsey's case will be solved through the new technology, despite the fact that Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett has said that the Ramsey case was more than just DNA and the results may "not be significant and not a big deal."

In 2008, then-Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy, apologized to the parents of JonBenet, John and Patsy Ramsey and exonerated them of any involvement in their daughter's murder. Patsy died in 2006 from cancer while John has since remarried.

The latest update in the case is that one of the grand jurors of the case is speaking to "20/20" about the case. He appears anonymously on the show and narrates how he felt when the members of the grand jury, eight women and four men, were brought to the home of the Ramseys. In his interview with Amy Robach which airs on Friday, the juror describes the basement where JonBenet was found as having a very "eerie feeling, like someone had been killed."

The juror claimed he knew very little about the case before the proceedings, and for more than a year, he and the other members of the grand jury saw all the evidence (including the crime scene), and heard testimonies from dozens of people. The grand jury recommended that charges be made against John and Patsy Ramsey, but it was then prosecutor Alex Hunter who nullified the findings and no one was charged with the crime.

Despite the fact that John and Patsy Ramsey were cleared by Mary Lacy, there are still suspicions over their involvement in the murder. Cina Wong, a handwriting expert who examined the ransom note, insists that it was Patsy who wrote it as she found 200 similarities between the ransom note and Patsy's handwriting.

Some believed it was also not a coincidence when John Ramsey called his pilot to get ready to fly them out of town just after his daughter's body was found.

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