New Volkswagen Tiguan To Debut In 2017

( [email protected] ) Dec 20, 2016 09:40 AM EST
2017 will see the long-wheelbase Volkswagen Tiguan make its debut, where it is known as the Tiguan Allspace in Europe and Tiguan L in China.

Each new year would normally see a slew of car manufacturers scrambling all over to make sure that the world knows that they have a brand new model available to entice you. After all, what better way to make use of your year end bonus than to pick up one of those lovely looking rides that you have long set your heart upon? Volkswagen knows this very well, otherwise they would not have been able to be the automotive giant that they are today. In fact, we have received official word from Volkswagen that they will be premiering their long wheelbase version of the Volkswagen Tiguan over in at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show in North America. What about our friends who live across the pond? Well, you will be able to get your hands on the brand new Volkswagen Tiguan as well, except that it will be referred to as the Tiguan Allspace.

The long-wheelbase version of the upcoming Tiguan would certainly mean it is longer compared to the Tiguan which just debuted in Europe some time earlier this year. While you were able to seat seven people in that version of the Tiguan, it would have been a pretty cramped affair if all of them are adults. Fret not, the long-wheelbase Tiguan ought to be able to make things more comfortable by virtue of offering additional legroom that will come across as a relief to long-legged adults and fast growing teenagers. The overall length would be 4,712mm compared to 4,486mm previously, while width and height have increased by 30mm. The wheelbase itself gains over 100mm in length, which would mean more space in the trunk, too.

However, one should also be cautiously optimistic and realize that while the new 2017 Tiguan would be longer than any other Tiguan released to date, this does not mean it will be more spacious compared to the Volkswagen Atlas, which happens to be the largest ever Volkswagen that is on sale in the US.

Just for some comparison notes if you are into that sort of thing: The Tiguan Allspace or the new 2017 Tiguan will still be shorter than the Ford Edge by a few inches, although it would be a wee bit longer compared to the Kia Sorento from South Korea. If you are interested in obtaining the long-wheelbase Tiguan to be part of your people mover in everyday life, then folks living in North America would be the first to enjoy it, followed by the world’s most populous country, China, before our friends living across the pond are able to ride in it.

Over in China, the long-wheelbase Tiguan has been revealed to be known as the Tiguan L. No prizes for guessing what “L” stands for in its name, although I would make sure that smart money will be placed on a word that has something to do with length. There will also be some subtle changes made to the design including more chrome pieces, a brow which will connect the two headlights, as well as a spanking new grille -- at least in the China market.

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