Apple, Niantic Labs Confirm Pokemon Go Release On Apple Watch

( [email protected] ) Dec 20, 2016 09:41 AM EST
Apple Watch owners might not be able to have such a huge pool of games to choose from, but Pokemon Go ain’t such a bad start after all.
Photo: Youversion

Let us face the cold, hard facts. First of all, the Apple Watch’s primary function is not so much a gaming device as it is a time telling device. Of course, you will be able to set all sorts of different kinds of watch faces to suit your mood and the occasion. It is also safe to assume that majority of Apple Watch owners also happen to own an iPhone, as it makes the whole idea of owning an Apple Watch complete in the first place, due to the way that the iPhone and Apple Watch “work” together. Well, when that is the case, you would not really want to play games on the Apple Watch for the simple fact that the iPhone is a far more suitable mobile gaming device, what more with Super Mario Run now released on it. However, here we are with reports that confirm how Pokemon Go, the smash hit mobile game that has swept the whole world earlier this year, will indeed be making its way over to the Apple Watch platform. This puts to bed previous rumors concerning Pokemon Go’s cancellation on the Apple Watch.

All of the speculation as to whether Pokemon Go will appear on the Apple Watch or not can finally be placed aside, as Pokemon Go’s official Twitter account did mention, "Pokémon Go is still under development and has not been cancelled." I suppose such a statement is far from being vague or ambiguous, and since it is from an official channel, there is no reason whatsoever to doubt it, either.

We do wonder just how will Apple Watch augment the Pokemon Go experience while one is on the move -- could it be used to notify you that an egg has been hatched?

Now that there is official clarification that Pokemon Go would somehow or rather still make its way over to the Apple Watch, what next? I suppose the waiting game will have to continue, except that you can rest easy for the moment knowing that Pokemon Go is indeed well in development, and keep your fingers crossed that by the time it is actually ready to see the light of day on the Apple Watch, there would still be interest in the Pokemon Go franchise. You know how fickle minded gamers can be, and one particular craze does not really last that long these days, no thanks to the kind of short attention span that has plagued the younger ones in their growing up years.

Could this bit of news also be released strategically in terms of timing simply because Apple would like to push more sales for its Apple Watch before the year is over? After all, it is not as though Apple has a stranglehold on the smart timepiece market, with the likes of Huawei, Fitbit, and Samsung having their fair share of releases. One thing that remains as a mystery until now is this -- Apple has never revealed the total number of Apple Watches that they have sold since the device made its debut, although Cupertino had always been sanguine about its figures.

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