Final Fantasy XV: $35 Just For Today

( [email protected] ) Dec 21, 2016 09:13 AM EST
Is Final Fantasy XV well worth the wait? Why not pick it up on the cheap just for today?
Final Fantasy XV is gearing up for release very soon. Photo: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV is a game that certainly took its time in being produced and finally, released on the market. After all, it is my firm belief that something should be done right before it can even be considered to be made available to the masses, otherwise it would just be shortchanging the consumers. Not only that, any game that is rushed into the market would normally face its fair share of bugs and fixes that need to be made. Thankfully, Final Fantasy XV was released to much fanfare, and without any kind of catastrophic level of bugs involved. To wait for 10 years is a long time, to say the least, and better late than never applies here for sure. We are pleased to note that those who have always mulled over picking up Final Fantasy XV but never really managed to get round in doing so will be able to obtain the game on the cheap just for today: at a cut-throat price of $35 a pop.

Yes sir, you will now be able to wrap your fingers around one of the hottest RPGs (Role Playing Games) of the year, or perhaps in years, for the price of a nice meal at a local restaurant nearby. Kinja Deals did bring to our attention that Amazon has introduced a monstrous 40% discount off from Final Fantasy XV. Interestingly enough, such massive discounts are normally connected to far older titles as a strategy to move its physical stock (it does not really matter if it is a virtual download since there is basically no physical space to fill up). However, Final Fantasy XV is less than a month old, and Amazon has already put it up as a limited time Gold Box deal for $35 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

Not only that, if you happen to have Amazon Prime shipping, you ought to be able to receive it just in time for Christmas -- which would ensure that you have a very, merry Christmas while you spend the hours away in front of the TV. Go ahead and splash $35 on Final Fantasy XV as you help Noctis make the right decisions before saving the world, once again.

Do take note that the Day One Edition will include the Final Fantasy XV game as well as the Masamune DLC Weapon to help you get started off right out of the box. It will be a whole lot more action oriented too, as opposed to putting you through the old motions of a traditional turn based or active time battle system which had kept previous generations of Final Fantasy glued to the screen. In addition, your characters gain more Jedi-like (excuse the Star Wars reference) abilities such as being able to double jump according to player input, and move about with demonic speed. In Final Fantasy XV, the player will be free to explore and roam about the open environment, using various modes of transport such as a car, an airship, or even a cute Chocobo.

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