Original Honda NSX Supercar In Brand ‘New’ Condition On Sale For £99,940, Covered Less Than 2,000 Miles

( [email protected] ) Dec 22, 2016 10:31 AM EST
The Honda NSX was one of the best supercars in its generation, and it looks like a model in pristine condition has surfaced for sale with a £99,940 price tag.
It does not come in any more immaculate condition than this. Seymour Pope

The Honda NSX was one of the best supercars of its generation -- sporting a design that while it shows its age today, it would still be able to turn heads if you were to roll down the street in it. This was the perfect balance of performance, price, and styling, and like any self-respecting supercar, it had to come in one compulsory color - red. Well, if you have a Honda NSX in your garage, chances are you still love that ride to bits and would not want to part with it. However, this would mean that those who are into sports cars would have one less Honda NSX to pick up for their collection, at least until now. Apparently, an almost new 1991 Honda NSX has been put up for sale for £99,940 a pop. This 1991 Honda NSX 3.0 V6 coupe will arrive with a 5-speed manual gearbox to get all of your motorheads out there drooling at the edges of your mouths, not to mention the fact that it has clocked up a mere 1,780 miles makes it all the more attractive.

This might seem all rather dreamy, but it is true. The deal can be seen online over on Auto Trader, and can be considered as good as new, bearing in mind that it is now 2016 -- where a quarter of a century has already passed since the car rolled out of the showroom all those years ago. This 1991 Honda NSX was sourced from a private collection in Japan. Makes perfect sense, actually. Have you actually walked into any of the pe-loved stores over in Japan? The kinds of products and quality that you can find there are normally in immaculate condition as the Japanese tend to take very good care of their stuff, and this crimson red Honda NSX is no different. According to the sellers Seymour Pope, this ought to be, hands-down, the best Honda NSX for sale regardless of where you search around the globe. We are inclined to agree. Seymour Pope has rated it as ‘5 A’ using their very own system, which is deemed to be the “highest possible condition grade for a vehicle.”

Just take a look at the beauty above and you can see why. It has not lacked any of its new sparkle, with the engine and spare tyre bays looking extremely clean and sweet. While the wheels do show a wee bit of aging signs in the finish, that is to be expected. How else would you expect it to clock up 1,780 miles on the odometer if it does not move around and about, unless it has been hooked up to some sort of weird car treadmill in the garage?

Seymour Pope is more than willing to welcome prospective buyers to check it out. If you have decided to drop more than a hundred grand ($100,000) on this bad boy, then the sellers are going to send it to Honda for a full top-to-bottom process -- which means you are getting more than what you had bargained for.

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