Samsung Galaxy S8 Beast Mode Spotted In Trademark Registration (Rumor)

( [email protected] ) Dec 22, 2016 10:32 AM EST
Is South Korean conglomerate Samsung getting on with the time, listing down 'Beast Mode' as part of a trademark registration for the Galaxy S8 in the EU?
Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to innovate on screen design. The Galaxy S8.

Normally, the term ‘Beast Mode’ is reserved for someone who has achieved an exceptional level of performance in a game, where he or she seems to be invincible -- and all of the tactics and shots are being pulled off with perfection. Hence, it seems rather strange to hear that Samsung is working on a ‘Beast Mode’ in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. The term ‘Beast Mode’ was not coined by any media, but rather, it made an appearance in spotted EU paperwork which was used for trademark registration purposes. The big question that has got everyone scratching their heads now is this, what is Samsung going to do with the ‘Beast Mode’ in the Galaxy S8?

It must be noted that the ‘Beast Mode’ will remain open to interpretation, as there has been absolutely no description on what ‘Beast Mode’ will entail. Hence, whatever else that you read online or in print concerning this new feature of the Galaxy S8 is just pure speculation, at least until Samsung themselves step forward to clarify the situation. However, one is still able to make an educated guess from the existing situation. The trademark registration did not make mention about ‘Beast Mode’ being applied to the Galaxy S8, although a segment of the application does share some detail on the kind of goods and services which this particular mark will jive with, and it will be applied to:

...Smartphones; Mobile phones; Application software for smart phones; Computer software; Notebook computers; Computers; Tablet PCs; Portable computers; Netbook computers.

It would not be surprising to see the flagship Galaxy S8 come with ‘Beast Mode’ under its wings, since Android smartphone users are starting to warm up to having various kinds of modes on a single device. After all, the latest Android 7.0 Nougat update will allow you to enjoy a “Performance mode” whenever you need to have the handset crank out extra juice for processor-intensive tasks, and there is also the “Battery saver mode” which speaks for itself -- especially when you are without a power bank and would like to conserve the amount of remaining juice on your device. Other smartphone manufacturers with Android running on them have also introduced their own modes, such as Sony's stamina mode.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 almost certain to carry the Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm underneath the hood, that would mean a ‘Beast Mode’ is some sort of overclocking of the Snapdragon 835 chipset. Of course, we would not rule out the possibility of seeing 8GB of RAM on board the Galaxy S8, in addition to having a souped up graphical chipset to go along with the device.

Would the flagship Galaxy S8 also be the beating heart of the next generation of Samsung’s GearVR system? If that is the case, then the Galaxy S8 would certainly to pull all the stops in delivering a real punch where processing power is concerned. As with everything else that you read online, do take this with a pinch of salt until an official statement is released.

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