Christians in Donald Trump Administration

( [email protected] ) Dec 22, 2016 10:53 AM EST
Some of Trump's key people in the next administration are devout Christians who wish to see real change happen.
Vice-president Elect Mike Pence has always been vocal about being a follower of Jesus. Twitter

A big factor in President-elect Donald Trump's win is the endorsement of many Evangelical Christian leaders. And now that the Trump, who will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, is continuing to build his cabinet, let's take a look at some of the devout believers who will be serving with him during his term.

The first person is none other than Vice-president elect Mike Pence. Pence has always been vocal about his faith. He often describes himself as "a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order." He regularly attends The College Park Church, North Indianapolis. It was reported by The Christian post that Pence grew up in a Catholic home, and in college, he met college students like him who had a personal relationship with Jesus.

He started becoming interested in the Christian faith, and when he was at Hanover College, he saw a fraternity brother wearing a golden cross who told him that the cross had to be worn in the heart before being worn around the neck. He soon committed his life to Jesus while attending a music festival in Kentucky.

Someone else who will serve in the Trump administration is incoming education secretary Betsy DeVos, who has served as an elder in Mars Hill Bible Church. She is a philanthropist and education activist.

In a speech she gave at the SXSWedu convention in Austin, Texas, she talked about revolutionizing the education delivery system in America. In her speech, she talked about six inconvenient truths about the educational system in America, one of which was that America does not provide equal educational opportunity to kids. She has also mentioned in her speech some ways that education can improve, and many are waiting to see how will she bring her ideas and her faith to the next administration.

The next attorney general will be U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama. According to his Senate page, he has grown up being taught the values of honesty, hard work, parental respect, and belief in God. He was one of the first to show support to Trump's candidacy and like Trump, is supportive of restrictions on immigration. He and his family attend Ashland Place United Methodist Church where he has served as lay leader and Sunday School teacher.

Another Christian who will be part of the next administration is Ben Carson, who is appointed as the Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development. He was one of the Republican candidates before being beaten by Trump. Carson, who is neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins, is a Seventh-Day Adventist whose faith in God deepened when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Rick Perry is the pick of Trump for the next secretary of the Department of Energy. He is an outspoken defender of religious freedom and in 2011 was one of the organizers of a prayer and fasting rally. He attends the nondenominational Lake Hills Church in Austin.

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