The Praying Side of Dak Prescott: Christian Quarterback of Dallas Cowboys

Rising Christian NFL star Dak Prescott was caught on camera praying with a group of people, revealing a side of him that the media has not shown.
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott Twitter/Deborah Jespersen

Rising Christian NFL star Dak Prescott was caught on camera praying with a group of people, revealing a side of him that the media has not shown.

The photo, which showed the Dallas Cowboys quarterback with his head bowed and holding hands with the others while they lay their hands on him, was posted to Twitter by a user named Deborah Jespersen.

“This is the Dak Prescott that the media isn't showing you ... so, lets make it viral! #Cowboys #Prayer #Jesus,” Jespersen tweeted.

The NFL rookie has been instrumental in the Cowboys’ win with an 11-1 record this season, and fans have noticed it. As the “Dak mania” continues to spread, Prescott just can’t seem to help being noticed even with the little things he does, like picking up trash and putting it in the garbage bin.

“What a great leader he is. He’s really poised. He obviously plays really well under pressure,” a fan named Courtney Lewis said. “I think he’s everything that we’ve been looking for as far as a quarterback is concerned. He’s mobile, he’s agile. He can pass. He can throw.”

Recently, Prescott was spotted shopping in Target at Frisco. When Stuart Newton, an employee, asked if he needed assistance, Prescott admitted he was looking for Christmas gifts for some “angels” from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.

The program, jointly sponsored by the Salvation Army and NBC 5, seeks people who would give gifts and other items for 50,000 children and special needs adults.

Newton’s wife Brooke posted to Facebook a photo of him with Prescott.

“And my husband just sent me this..... he was shopping for an angel tree! So amazing,” the caption read.


Prescott talked about his faith in an interview with USA Today affiliate The Times. He opened up about missing his mother, Peggy, who succumbed to colon cancer in 2013, and how he coped with her loss.

Prescott said his mother had always encouraged him. She was the one he talked to whenever he lost a game. And with her gone, the hard times could be rough, and he missed her terribly.

Prescott chose to honor her memory by giving his best in every game. On the week of his mother’s funeral in 2013, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen talked to Prescott about the game for that weekend.

Mullen could not forget what Prescott said to him: “Coach, I mean my mother would kick my rear end if I didn't play this weekend.”

He continues to miss her. To help him pull through every time he plays, Prescott puts a strip of tape with the word “faith” on his wrists.

“I simply write ‘Faith’ on there for the faith that my mom showed me; the relationship we built from the faith we had and my faith in God,” he said.

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