Google Embarks On Smartwatch Adventure, Will Avoid Pixel Brand Name

( [email protected] ) Dec 23, 2016 11:59 PM EST
Google will also be looking into the world of smartwatches with word that they are going to release not one, but two smartwatches. Will there be a Pokemon GO app on the Google smartwatch by the time it is released on the market?
Android Wear 2.0 introduces tiny keyboard function

Google’s most famous reference by many would be their search engine, although over the years, they have come up with various offerings in terms of hardware. There was the path to make a mark in the smartphone industry a few years ago, first with the Nexus brand name, before they made a move to the Pixel moniker. Now that we have received word that Google has taken a look at the smartwatch industry, and are licking their lips in anticipation in making a splash. This will be achieved through not one, but two smartwatch releases. Right from the get go, Google does not want to lump their wearable technology devices under the same brand name, so we have been assured that there will be no Pixel brand name attached to these smart timepieces.

It is about time, too, that Google took up the mantle of rolling out their very own flagship Android Wear device. After all, it has been more than two years since Google allowed third-party manufacturers to venture on this particular hardware market, and Android Wear Product Manager Jeff Chang has confirmed that the search engine giant is now working on two smartwatches via their internal development team. To drop the unified Pixel brand name is a bold move, and this leaves the door open to speculation as to what kind of naming convention will we see down the road when these smart timepieces are ready for action. According to Chang, these smartwatches can be "likened the partnership to Google’s Nexus smartphone program."

So far, earlier rumors about the two smartwatches from Google concerned its codenames, where one was the Angelfish, with the other known as Swordfish. Angelfish will be a larger timepiece with LTE connectivity built in, while the Swordfish will arrive in a smaller form factor sans LTE connectivity. Touted to be first in the market that will arrive with Android Wear 2.0 underneath the hood, it looks like there will be a fair bit of waiting left to do, since the two smartwatches are being delayed all the way into 2017. Other than having a makeover in terms of its interface design, Android Wear 2.0 will also come with its own perks, which would be the ability to enjoy Android Pay support on Google's wearable technology devices.

Google has the financial firepower to suffer losses in the smartwatch market even if their flagship timepieces do not do well, taking into consideration how the smartwatch market has not managed to open the doors to a whole new hardware market this year. Pebble, a pioneer in the smartwatch industry, called it quits recently after being sold to Fitbit with a very clear direction that Fitbit will not be taking up any kind of smartwatch development after the purchase. The IDC also claimed that Apple Watch sales are off 71% year-over-year, although we do not really know for sure since Apple has never revealed the actual sales figures concerning Apple Watch, quite unlike for the likes of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Well, would you get a Google smartwatch when it hits the market, and why?

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