New Asus C302CA Chromebook Leaked, Sports USB-C Support With Full HD Display

( [email protected] ) Dec 29, 2016 01:35 AM EST
NewEgg has put up a link to an upcoming Asus C302CA Chromebook with a $499 price tag, although it has since taken down that listing.

It looks like there is a going to be a spanking new Chromebook available to the masses soon, and for just $499 a pop with its initial leak. I am referring to the all new Asus C302CA Chromebook, where it will be equipped with a pair of USB-C ports to make sure that it keeps up to pace with the latest technology as well as a decent Full HD display -- heck, that is something which should be the bare minimum these days, considering how everyone is moving on to Ultra HD resolution just about everywhere else.

Chrome Unboxed has managed to catch a now defunct listing of the Asus C302CA Chromebook over on NewEgg, where the full shebang concerning its hardware specifications and details were shown. In the NewEgg listing, the Asus C302CA Chromebook was shown to come with a 12.5-inch, 1080p touchscreen display, accompanied by a 2.2GHz Intel Core m3 processor, USB-C connectivity through two ports, an illuminated chiclet keyboard, and a microSD memory card slot for memory expansion purposes. Could one of those USB-C ports actually be used to charge up the device? It will take some time to find out as the Asus C302CA Chromebook hits the market. As for the listed SKU in the leaked NewEgg listing, it does point to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, with a $499 price tag. One more thing about the Asus C302CA too -- the display is able to be flipped around to turn this into a 2-in-1 Chromebook with tablet functionality, hence the touchscreen capability.

Interestingly enough, the device has also been listed with 8GB of RAM afterwards in different online outlets, which is certainly double the amount of what the NewEgg listing showed. Having said that, it remains to be seen whether the NewEgg listing had a typo in it, or was that just an entry level model of the Asus C302CA Chromebook with 8GB RAM models being the higher end variant that will also hit the market eventually.

Regardless of the amount of RAM stashed inside, the Asus C302CA Chromebook will arrive in dimensions of 11.97″ x 8.27″ x 0.54″ and tip the scales at 2.65lbs. If you know that you are going to live in a wireless environment where Internet connectivity is accessible just about everywhere you go, then you would not go wrong by placing an order for the Asus C302CA. At the $499 price point, how many Chromebooks in the market can you find which will arrive with a backlit keyboard in addition to a sleek looking chassis that is made up of aluminum, not to mention being a convertible device?

Since CES 2017 is just right around the corner, chances are we should be able to garner more information concerning the Asus C302CA Chromebook in due time, including the entire slew of variants in which it will be released with as well as the relevant price tags that accompany those models. It should also be a matter of time before NewEgg puts up their listing once again.

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