Capcom: No Super Street Fighter V In The Pipeline

( [email protected] ) Dec 29, 2016 01:40 AM EST
Capcom might have dashed your hopes of ever seeing a Super Street Fighter V game in existence with their latest announcement.
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How many of you grew up enjoying the Street Fighter beat ‘em up series from Capcom? Of course, the breakout title would be Street Fighter II which certainly saw many a young person lose plenty of quarters at dark and dank arcades in order to master their favorite character, ultimately beating M. Bison to be the best fighter in the world. There has been a slew of other Street Fighter titles released in the years to pass after that, and for more than a couple of decades, each Street Fighter game will be on the receiving end of many different iterations. Some of these variants will include the introduction of new characters to the roster, brand new stages as well as changes to the gameplay which might mean old tricks will no longer work. Well, the jury is out on whether Street Fighter V will be next in line to pick up a variant of the game -- Super Street Fighter V, perhaps? Unfortunately for us fans, Capcom has stepped forward to mention that there will be no Super Street Fighter V. One particular consolation would be the fact that you can pick up new additions via DLC (downloadable content) instead.

This official statement from Capcom would lay to rest all of the previous rumors that often brought forth the idea of a Super Street Fighter V being worked on. It looks like Capcom has decided to make sure no one is misled with the statement that the only version of Street Fighter V would be that -- Street Fighter V, and nothing else, propped up by DLCs in the future which gamers will be able to take advantage of.

According to Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren, he made it crystal clear in his words to EventHubs that no Super Street Fighter V is in the pipeline, or will be. Dahlgren said, “We’re always looking at how we can innovate on the series model while keeping an eye on how receptive fans would be to a new type of offering for a Street Fighter game. Street Fighter V innovated on the series model by being a service-based platform, with earnable post-launch content. Even now, the price point of the main retail offering has dropped, which is essentially the starter version of the game. However, even if we come up with new models, we are still committed to our promise that the initial release is still the only version you’ll ever need to own with all game updates and balance adjustments available for free.”

There you have it, from the proverbial horse’s mouth itself. It looks like Capcom has decided to take a very different approach with Street Fighter V, which would mean that there is no need whatsoever to introduce a Super variant down the road. After all, this particular model has seen 2016 deliver a slew of new characters, modes, stages, and alternate costumes, among others, which makes the idea of a “Super” version obsolete. We won’t be able to tell about the future though, but if this works out well for Capcom and gamers, it might be the new trend down the road.

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