Uber Driver Passes By 240 Green Lights At One Go, Possible New World Record

( [email protected] ) Dec 29, 2016 01:16 PM EST
An Uber driver in Manhattan might have picked up a new world record by actually cruising past 240 green lights, all at one go!
An image from Noah Forman's potential world record in cruising green traffic lights -- all 240 of them in a row. Vimeo

There are some cities that tend to have more traffic lights than the rest, and this is where the wonders of a roundabout comes in handy. Having said that, there are pros and cons associated with either form of road rules, so one is not better than the other, and vice versa. However, whenever there are traffic lights, Murphy’s Law seems to come into play especially when you are in a hurry to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Most of the time, these traffic lights end up with a bright, red light -- only to have the next, and the next show the same kind of “attitude”. Once in awhile, magic happens -- and that is what a Manhattan Uber driver experienced recently.

Uber driver Noah Forman could have actually set a new world record not only for Uber drivers, but basically, for all drivers everywhere. He actually managed to cruise past 240 green traffic lights in a row, now how about that? This happened on December 6th during a late night run in Manhattan. At least, that was what Noah Forman claimed, and it would clearly bolster his seemingly ludicrous claim a whole lot more if he had some sort of dashboard camera recording to prove it. Thankfully for the rest of the world, he did videotape his entire journey, where a friend of his worked on a production and polished up the raw video, condensing this potentially history breaking asphalt adventure into a video clip that lasts for all of 49 seconds.

Forman shared, “Every now and then, I feel lucky and I give it an attempt, but this night I could tell right from the beginning it looked good.” Of course, this is definitely not the first time that Forman attempted anything of this sort, which meant that he has racked up the right amount of experience so far to finally achieve such a feat. This interest in riding a wave of green lights started a couple of years ago, when Forman’s friend showed him a video clip that saw the driver hit a total of 55 green lights, non-stop -- something that many of us can only dream of. Well, Forman saw that and was clearly inspired, claiming that he would prefer to achieve a figure that would surpass the hundred market.

Driving a yellow cab at that point in time, Forman began to count the green lights, hitting a personal best of 186. That video was also uploaded onto the Internet which no doubt got him his 15 minutes of fame, and that experienced spurred him to do a whole lot more. Hence, on that fateful day of December 6, at approximately 3:27 a.m., he made the decision to go for broke and try to achieve a new record when the roads are least crowded as possible. The entire journey took 27 minutes to complete, beginning close to Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem and all the way to Fifth Ave. down to Washington Square Park.

This was followed by following Sixth Ave. up to 59th St., before he made his way crosstown to Second Ave., and then driving south until he arrived at Rivington St. After approximately half an hour of driving, Forman finally met with his first red light while behind the wheel at the Bowery and Prince St. Not satisfied with this figure, Forman is looking to double the tally in the future, perhaps the 500 mark.

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