Rumor: Sony Xperia XZ 2017 Leaked, Places Sensors On The Right

( [email protected] ) Dec 29, 2016 01:16 PM EST
It looks like there is still life in the Sony Xperia XZ brand just yet as the alleged 2017 model has been spotted in a leak.

As each year passes by, you can be sure that there will be new smartphone models that will be added to the collection. That is when it becomes more and more difficult to choose from, especially when you are rocking to the Android platform. With so many different manufacturers around when it comes to Android, you are spoilt for choice, although it would not come across as a surprise if you were to pick up a Google-branded device for the obvious reason that these are first out of the blocks to pick up the latest version of Android with each subsequent rollout. Having said that, Sony ain’t too shabby either, although they do command a rather small market share in terms of Android-powered smartphones. Slashleaks has revealed an image of a device which is touted to be the Sony Xperia XZ 2017, but we will take such claims with a pinch of salt for the moment.

So far, the leaked image of the purported Sony Xperia XZ 2017 arrives with the trademark blur that all old school leaked shots tend to feature. After all, one would most probably spend a good amount of time trying to seize the perfect moment before taking a snapshot of that device on the assembly line, and if you are working there, chances are you are not earning that large a wage -- which would also translate to a lower quality smartphone in your hands that does not have optical image stabilization or the ability to snap pictures on the fly.

Still, there are some details from which we are able to glean from this particular blurred image -- including a display that is close to perfect. By saying so, we mean that the edges will not come with any kind of bezel to worry about, and there will be no front-mounted fingerprint scanner to boot. The top and bottom bezels are rather large though -- it is the sides that are impressive with close to a zero bezel experience. There is also the unmistakable Sony branding which is clear, so no running away from telling who is the one behind this handset.

As to whether this device will eventually be released and known as the Sony Xperia XZ 2017, that remains to be seen. However, it is likely that this is what it will be called, as there is already a Sony Xperia XZ in existence, so it would not come across as too big a surprise for something similar like this to have a successor with the same name.

There does not seem to have any kind of physical buttons located in front or even at the sides, which would mean the power button ought to be somewhere at the bottom or the top. Could there be a fingerprint scanner at the back as well? Only time will tell, and we are not ruling out the possibility of said fingerprint scanner being embedded right into the display itself. It will, however, arrive in a gold finish which should keep just about everyone happy

Hopefully more will be revealed when MWC 2017 kicks off, with slim hopes of this being announced at CES that is happening in the first week of January. We do hope to see more leaks make their rounds via the Sony Xperia XZ 2017 FCC filing though, which should be able to reveal a whole lot more information.

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