Want Free Supercharging? Get A Tesla Within This Fortnight

( [email protected] ) Jan 03, 2017 04:33 AM EST
Tesla intends to put a stop to free supercharging as this particular system is open to abuse, and this would mean that those are thinking of picking up a new Tesla electric car will have just a couple more weeks to do so before he free supercharging offer ends.
Coming September and October 2015? Tesla

Tesla has certainly come a long way since its early days, and there definitely is interest in their stable of electric cars. However, not everyone is able to afford one of their rides, and if you are mulling over the possibility of picking a Tesla up, it would be best that you make haste about the situation. Time and tide wait for no man, and neither does free Supercharging last forever. This deal for “free” Supercharging is said to be available only for those who decide to drive home a Tesla and make a decision within the two weeks -- anything later than that, and you will have to pay to make use of one of their Superchargers that dot both coasts of the US of A -- and across the country.

In its earlier days when Tesla was still working on making sure that there are enough Superchargers along the major arteries that connect both coasts in the USA, the system was made available for free. And for life, or at least it seemed so at that point of time. The idea of having unlimited charging as an incentive is a pretty big carrot to dangle in front of prospective buyers, don’t you think so? This free Supercharging offer was made to all Tesla Model S and Model X owners, and eventually, human greed and selfishness has brought such machinations to an end.

Basically, as of November in 2016, Tesla started to point out how free Supercharging days are about to come to an end. Basically, any vehicle that is purchased after January 1 of 2017 would be limited to just 400 kWh of free charging. That was the original plan, but it seems that Tesla has softened their stance a wee bit, providing a grace period of two more weeks if one would like to end up with a lifetime of free Supercharging.

Basically, anyone who places an order for a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X before the January 15 deadline will end up being grandfathered into the unlimited plan of parking their rides in the Supercharger network -- for life. At point of publishing, there are more than 4,600 Superchargers available throughout the country. Those who decide that they are able to afford paying for their charges in the future will be on the receiving end of an annual allocation of 400 kWh, which roughly equals to approximately 1,000 miles. That is still better than nothing, right?

If there is one thing that everyone would like to know, it would be this: how much will Tesla start to charge for use of their Superchargers in the future? No one really knows, but it would be out of the ordinary should a full charge cost more than filling up the tank of a gas car. Tesla has dropped hints that it will cost less than half the amount required to fill up a gas car within a similar specifications. There is slightly less than two more weeks to play the role of the early bird in order to catch the early Supercharging worm!

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