Nintendo Switch Game Boxes Leaked By EB Games, Mario Kart Details Spotted

( [email protected] ) Jan 03, 2017 07:32 PM EST
EB Games of Australia have managed to get hold of some leaked Nintendo Switch game boxes in addition to details on the upcoming Mario Kart game. Things are certainly heating up before the Switch’s March 2017 release!
EB Games Australia

EB Games Australia has leaked information a bunch of Nintendo Switch games which were briefly put online before they were taken off. Thankfully, the Internet has a memory, so many readers were fast enough in capturing screenshots and making those images go viral. After all, with the Nintendo Switch release date being slated for March, it would be nice to know just what are some of the titles that will accompany Nintendo’s next generation console as it hits the market.

Of course, history has also shown that one ought to beware when it comes to navigating rumors and leaks before the official word is out, and the same applies to this particular bunch of leaks The box art that you see in various online portals or pages for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Switch, or Skyrim Special Edition might not be finalized, but it ought to be quite a clear indication of what is to come. We will simply have to play the patience card in order to figure out just what the official box art for the games will look like.

Do take note that a Vooks editor who goes by the name of Daniel Vuckovic confessed over Twitter that out of boredom, he decided to come up with such images through the use of Webdev tools before uploading them onto the EBGames site. Well, since Mario Kart will be officially announced in a few days’ time -- presumably through the Nintendo Switch presentation that is happening this coming January 12th, there should not be too long of an agonizing wait to go. Apart from that, a certain Emily Rogers did confirm that she herself has discovered information about the upcoming Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch. All that we gamers basically need to know would be this: the new Nintendo Switch Mario Kart will feature a slew of new tracks, new characters and an improved battle mode. The first two we can identify with, and we are certainly excited to look forward to what improvements are made for the new battle mode.

The leaked alleged game boxes do seem to be smaller and arrive in a square form factor, pretty much in the same vein as the packaging where Nintendo 3DS games come in. Of course, it would be a remiss if Nintendo’s signature red shade does not make an appearance on the game box as well. After all, with Nintendo going red, it makes sense -- as Sony proudly goes ahead with blue while Xbox carries a green glow.

Hopefully the new battle mode in Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch as a launch title this March 2017 will have improvements in the battle mode that will banish memories of Mario Kart 8. It felt as though Mario Kart 8’s battle mode was a forced product, and did not carry the feel and excitement of previous Mario Kart titles. In fact, levels were not specially created for battle mode then which made life even more frustrating, but we have faith that Nintendo would have learned from their past regarding this matter.

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